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How to Save Money on Your Wedding Day Using Ebates

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Day Using Ebates

This is one of my favorite savvy shopping tips! Whether you’re already a purveyor of great deals online, or simply never has the time to search till the end of web for a mere free shipping discount, do yourself a favor and create your free account on stat. goes beyond discount codes, and reaches high end retailers in a way that general coupon sites can’t. We’re talking cashback for anything and nearly everything you buy online.


is an online cash back shopping experience that provides you access to thousands of top name brands. Each store provides you with a percentage cash back which you will receive in the mail, or through your PayPal account, four times or more a year. This allows you to save big all year round and joining is completely free. Shopping online can now be a timesaver and money saver allowing you to save for life’s bigger events, and we can’t think of a better way to start collecting a check for your purchases than when planning for your wedding! Think of how much you already buy online, so why not buy through Ebates? Over the course of your wedding, bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette parties as well as building your nest, you can start earning cashback quickly and you’re likely get your first Ebates check before your wedding is even here.


We think Ebates is great because not only can you save on everyday items, but you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your wedding alone. We decided to have some fun to see how much you really could save, so we visited the website through Ebates to look for a wedding dress for a 4% cash back. The amazing Alexander McQueen wedding gown we found was priced at $5,175, so with the 4% cash back you’d receive $207 back in the mail! Then let’s say your dream honeymoon would be to roam around the Grecian Islands, which go for $4,193.62. By using with their 7% cash back, $293.55 would be put back in your pocket! With the dress and honeymoon alone, you could save $500.55! Now just imagine how much more you could save as a newly married couple. Or if you’re just the wedding guest, you can buy your wedding gift on allowing you also to save.


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The cashback you can rack up for your wedding purchases doesn’t end there. You can get money back for DIY materials, wedding decor, gifts to your bridesmaids, and even on your wedding rings. You can see how easily your cashback amounts eventually add up. Now imagine getting a $500 check in the mail for example!

Take a look at all the brands offers today and get cashback for all of your wedding related purchases!

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