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How to Craft an Heirloom Driven Wedding Day

How to Craft an Heirloom Driven Wedding Day

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If you’re looking for ways to make your wedding day feel personal, and unique to you as a couple and make design choices that transcend trends, then what wedding photographer, Amanda Olivia, is teaching us today might be what you’re looking for. She is sharing exactly how to craft an heirloom driven wedding to ensure you and your beau shine through your wedding day and how to have design details with intention.

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From photographer, Amanda Olivia PhotographyA wedding day is more than a big reception, busy timelines, fireworks, and rushing around. First and foremost, your wedding day is the start of your marriage. The start of a new chapter in your relationship. In today’s fast-paced, screen-driven society it’s often hard to slow down and focus on what really matters: relationships. Here are some of our favorite ways to create an heirloom driven wedding day that will guarantee your unique story will shine through.

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1. Slow Down  

Craft out time to enjoy the process and intentionally craft quiet moments into your wedding day. Find those moments to spend time alone, collect your thoughts, read through love notes, and breathe. Surround yourself with people that know how to be in the moment and can help you focus on the start of your marriage instead of getting caught up in the timelines and pressures of other’s agendas. By taking the time to enjoy the moments ‘in between’ the scheduled events you’ll find yourself immersed into your wedding experience and will be able to embrace and appreciate all that is going on around you.

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2. Quality Over Quantity

Take time to pick out the meaningful details that tell your truest story. Invest in the details that make you happy, bring substance to your day, and that matter. Often couples stretch their budgets to try and fit in everything. Instead pair things down. Figure out what details actually matter to you and invest there. We encourage you to think about the following questions to be able to think about what’s important to you on your wedding day and to determine where to invest your energy, time, and money to make your story come to life.

  • How do you want to feel on your wedding day?
  • Where will you be spending most of your time on your wedding day?
  • What matters most to you as a couple?
  • What details have you focused most on?
  • How are you incorporating your story and heritage into your wedding day?

By slowing down to ask these questions at the start of your wedding planning process, you can selectively pick out the right thing to focus on. Remember quality over quantity always wins.

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3. Incorporate Ancestry  

As you celebrate the start of a new chapter of your relationship and blend two families into one, incorporate your own ancestry and heritage into your day. Bring out your personal elements to share the richness of your family and their stories. A few of our favorite ways to incorporate ancestry are to: Add in handwritten love notes from your grandparents. Pull out family bibles and read some of your favorite scriptures. Wear your grandmother’s pendant around your neck. Add blooms into your bouquet that your mother and grandmother also had on their wedding days. Get married on a property that has a family connection. The start of your marriage is the perfect day to tie in your family ancestry and a great way to start your own family traditions.

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4.  Add in Family Traditions & Start Your Own

The start of your marriage is a beautiful time to add and blend in family traditions from both your families into your wedding day. Interview your grandparents and grandparents about the most memorable moments from their wedding day. Do any of their stories strike a chord with you? How can you incorporate their memories and traditions into your wedding day? Are their traditions you want to start your own?

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5. Preserve your Memories  

Find ways to preserve your most precious memories while living in the moment your entire day. We encourage you to put your phones away, be present with those around you, and focus on what’s important…your relationships. Hire a photographer that feels like a friend, captures timeless images, and is integrated into your wedding day. By hiring someone you trust you can relax and focus on making memories while your photographer creates an artful gallery for you.

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Remember your wedding day is the start of your marriage. The focus of your day should be on your relationship. On quality over quantity, and on preserving memories. We hope this helps you create beautiful meaningful memories on your wedding day.

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Personalized wedding? Check and double check. Now that we have the how to on an heirloom wedding, let’s chat about financial etiquette to get one more thing checked off your list!

Wedding Vendors:
Venue: Meadowlark
Planning + Styling: Taylor Dawn 
Photography: Amanda Olivia Photography
Florals: White Wolf Floral Design
Bride + Groom: Teresa & Buck
Bridal Dress + Veil: Emily Riggs
Bridal Shoes: Bella Belle
Hair + Makeup: Jolie Artistry 
Antiques: St Signora, Family Heirlooms + Personal Collections 
Invitation Suite + Paper Goods: Lairsey Paper Co.
Chairs: Ikea
Linens: Barron’s Rentals  
Perfume: BHLDN 
Ribbon: Tono + Co. 

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  • Wow, wow, wow! What a dream!!! If only I could go back and get married again! Love all of the ways of incorporating the details that are special and unique to each individual couple. Love this!

  • What a wonderful article! Amanda is truly amazing and it’s obvious in her work how much she loves what she does. What a great way to bring your wedding day to life with meaningful and personalized touches.

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