Buyer FAQ

TIPS FOR BUYERS: Knowing what to expect is key when buying online. Follow these tips to make sure your buying experience is a great one!

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Have a Paypal account ready if transaction is online. It typically takes a few business days for Paypal to verify your bank account.
There is a reason we created an internal messaging system. DO NOT LEAVE THIS MESSAGING SYSTEM. Scammers will ask to leave the system as soon as they can to text or email you.
Never send checks, wire transfer, bank transfer. Remember there is a reason why we only suggest two payment options: Paypal or cash on pick up 🙂 We highly recommend paying with a credit card via Paypal and not from your checking account. Credit card payments can be reversed in the event of a dispute, while direct bank payments cannot. Please contact for more information.
Ask for a realistic estimated shipping time if transaction is online. Some sellers may take only a few business days, while others may take longer to ship – both are acceptable as long as they tell you what to expect.
Ask how the items will be packaged. If there’s a chance water may damage your item, make sure to ask Seller to package it in a sealed wrap. If it’s fragile, it must be bubble wrapped. You get the idea 🙂
If you do not see mentioned in the listing, ask about any flaws, rips, stains or scratches on the item you’re interested in.
Ask the Seller to give you a quote on shipping options as well as insurance. It’s worth the little investment on insurance, especially if you’re buying fragile items.
Demonstrate you have a serious interest in purchasing the items right off the bat. We recommend adding your phone number in your message to prove you’re a legitimate buyer.
We recommend keeping the conversation between Buyer and Seller in our Messaging system, this is how we track and block a suspicious user. Avoid communicating entirely via text messages. Scammers use fake local U.S phone numbers via proxy servers and this is virtually untraceable.
Request a tracking number for the item if purchasing online


If purchasing in person, make sure to meet at a public space and have the exact amount ready
If the item is too large to see in a public space, do not go into the sellers home alone; bring a friend, your fiance or a family member
If anything feels “off” at any point during your communication with the Seller, REPORT ABUSE as soon as possible and we will block the infringing account.

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