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Houghton Fall/Winter 2016 Bridal Collection

Houghton Fall/Winter 2016 Bridal Collection

How could we not fall in love with a bridal collection that the designer describes as “Kate Moss meets Penny Lane”? Houghton pulls out all the stops in this beautiful selection of gowns, effortlessly blending bohemian style with city chic with retro pop. One of our favorite aspects of this collection is that it doesn’t just include beautiful bridal gowns, but also delightful accessories like cargo jackets and outfits for wedding-related events like the honeymoon and the reception night.


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From the designer behind Houghton: For her daytime city hall wedding, a little white dress; for her mountain top get away, a white fur and patent leather cargo jacket; for the grand evening wedding, glamorous silk fringed gowns; for her honeymoon, an ice blue sequined jogging suit; and a sexy, nude Chantilly ruffled gown for the expecting bride.

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