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Honeymoon Pixie

We love the idea of registering for a honeymoon to remember rather than just things. After all, you only have a honeymoon once. Honeymoon Pixie is a honeymoon registry that consistently receives 5-Star ratings from newlyweds and earned the Bride’s Choice Awards 2012 for excellence in quality & service, so you’re in good hands. Since I just booked a vacay trip to Italy and France with the hubs, we just started picking destination spots and things to do – with a mix of countryside and beach. Sounds like the perfect honeymoon, so I thought I’d share some of our must-see picks and a lose itinerary (not listed in order) + some ideas on items you can add to your honeymoon registry that you will use besides just lodging and dinners:

Portofino Genoa italy honeymoon spots
Register for a car rental (you will certainly use it!), so you can go visit Portofino beach, in Genoa.

Venice Italy honeymoon itinerary

Gondola rides are pricey, but are a must if you’re visiting Venice for the first time! So add them in stat.

Trevi Fountain Rome honeymoon itinerary ideas

Scooter rental for an authentic Roman holiday!

Cinque Terre honeymoon ideas in Italy Monterosso

Visit Cinque Terre and the beach in Monterosso – it’s penciled in for us! There are bus tours leaving from Rome, so it’s a must add item to your registry to anyone looking for a day trip in Italy. Once in Tuscany, you can taste wine in San Gimignano after a day of walking around town. Check out this real honeymoon registry for Italy for more ideas!

San Gimignano Italy

Honeymoon Pixie makes the entire process stress-free. Simply select one of the pre-made registries to the most popular honeymoon destinations and you’ll have your own free honeymoon registry webpage to share with family and friends. Their website is a simple “point-and-click” and they provide optimal security for you and your guests. Best of all, they deposit your gift funds directly into your bank account so that you’ll have access to the money when you need it most – on your honeymoon to a tropical island or exotic destination. Especially for the the Eco-conscious couple, honeymoon registries are great for the environment because there’s no gift wrapping, no shipping, no returns, no car transportation, and no duplicate gifts!

Louvre Paris honeymoon

Tickets to the Louvre are better reserved before you go. And by better we mean cheaper too.

A few days at the beach in Nice, a nice stop along your way to Paris (if you’re coming from Italy) or Rome (if you’re headed south way instead)

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Mont St Michel France honeymoon ideas

Mont St Michel as a day trip from Paris. You can add a bus tour in your honeymoon registry for this stop.

Verdon National Park Provence honeymoon ideas in France

At last…Verdon National Park in Provence. Tickets + transportation for your list!

Couples can utilize any of the free tools that they provides including: uploading unlimited photos, selecting a beautiful registry theme, redeeming your gift funds at anytime, printing Thank You lists, receiving their expert travel tips and more! Andrew and Gina, the founders of Honeymoon Pixie, believe in giving back to their community and are involved in a number of local volunteering activities, including Camp Korey – a Paul Newman SeriousFun Children’s Network Camp – which is 100% free to all families who have children with life-altering medical conditions. In this spirit of giving back, they include a “Charity” gift category with all of their pre-made honeymoon registries. Couples have the option of choosing a charity that is meaningful to them, so wedding guests can contribute money to the specified charity as a wedding gift. Check out Honeymoon Pixie for ideas and get your registry started!

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  • All of them are magic and beautiful. But I highly recommend NOT visit those places during the touristic season! 🙂

  • All of these look SO beautiful. Would you mind sending us an update on your travel itenerary?

  • I think any of these places would be wonderful to spend your honeymoon at. Italy has been known as one of the romantic places on earth. I’d love the chance to go!

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