These photos of Megan & Aaron were shot on location at their home in Lenoir City, Tennessee by Tara of Dixie Pixel. So much eye candy, thanks Tara for sharing!

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  • Jessica


  • Oh my word, those are too sweet.
    So lovely!!

  • love the lighting in some of those!

  • Very pretty – esp the campfire shot. You Americans are all so darn gorgeous!!

    Julia xx

  • p.s. this may well make my super sunday roundup of blogosphere gorgeousness!!!

  • julie iliana

    they’re gorgeous! lovely shoot :)

  • Meg

    Well they look great! They are quite an attractive couple!

  • What a gorgeous couple!!! Makes me wanna go camping for sure!

  • Julie

    this is awesome! :) love it!

  • Retuura

    So gorgeous!

  • Layla

    Makes me miss home! Lovely, I could feel the love!

  • Alex Wang

    These are great pics. They bring me warmth. This peaceful, quiet and caring life is all I just wanted before and still search for now!