High School Sweetheart Greenhouse Wedding

Madeline and Dan may have married during the summer, but that didn’t stop the couple from adding nods to Madeline’s all-time favorite holiday, Christmas, into their wedding decor. If anything, this proves there’s no reason not to make your wedding day as personal as possible to best reflect your own style! Becka Pillmore Photography photographed the high school sweetheart couple as they exchanged vows at the ever-stunning Fairmount Park Horticulture Center, which was styled to perfection with Uncommon Events — who also tackled all the floral design. A garden wedding with boho touches, hints of Christmas, all in a greenhouse setting? We’re sold.

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From the bride, Madeline: My love for Christmas is borderline obsessive. Over the past 10 years Daniel and I have created Christmas traditions that we take part in annually. One of those traditions is shopping in Philadelphia and getting dinner at one of our favorite restaurants Twenty Manning Grill. On our walk back to our car we walked through Rittenhouse to look at the lights and it was there that he asked me to marry him. On the year anniversary of our engagement, we went back to that very spot and got our engagement photos taken under the lights. The wedding planning process was eventful to say the least. It was a team effort and everyone involved played a critical role in making the day special. Uncommon Events also played a huge role in bringing my ideas to life. Their support throughout the entire process was essential (Melissa and Jess!).

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I went into the planning process with an idea in mind. I wanted the cocktail hour to have a very raw casual look. I described this look to have an “Urban Outfitters” vibe. When entering into the main space, I wanted the “Urban” look to transform into an “Anthropologie” vibe. From detailed table clothes, to a black and white dance floor, to hanging floral chandeliers. When entering the space for the first time I was in shock. All of the little details and ideas I had come up with in my head had come to life. Although I wanted to rewind the entire day and do it all over again, I knew that was impossible. So I took the last few minutes of the night to reflect on how lucky I was. How lucky I was to share this experience with my loved ones, how lucky I was to have such a great wedding experience, and how lucky I was to spend the rest of my life with Dan.

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From the event planner and floral designer, Uncommon Events: Two high school sweet hearts tie the knot and celebrate under the stars in a greenhouse decked out in bright flowers, hanging Edison bulbs, vintage & modern furniture vignettes, and mix matched linens! Anthropologie inspired and gorgeous this wedding reception was a dream. Did me mention the winter wonderland in the middle of Summer? Our Bride and Groom have a fascination with Christmas so we had to incorporate their favorite holiday into the decor!

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