Here’s Why Handwritten Thank You Notes Will Never Go Out Of Style

pastel wedding envelopes with wax seals

If you’re anything like us, you’re a bit of an old soul – a lover of thoughtful script + heartfelt intentionality. You’re also pretty savvy and have figured out by now that writing 100+ thank you notes as soon as married life hits the ground running post-honeymoon can be overwhelming to think about. So when we heard about WithThanks, our first thought was, “Where have you been all our lives?” To break it down, WithThanks allows you to outsource your thank you notes while still maintaining that sentimental touch you so desire by personalizing and handwriting all of your thank you notes for you. We may or may not have just stumbled upon the holy grail.

pastel wedding envelopes with wax seals
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You can send them your own stationery and stamps if there’s a certain aesthetic you cling to, but they’re happy to pick this kind of thing out for you if it’s no biggie. And they will even come and pick your stationery up for you rather than sending it if you live in NYC! All you have to do to get started is send over your guests’ names, addresses, gift and any other personal notes you want to include.

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So why do you ask are handwritten thank you notes a big deal?
1. Technology is becoming scarily predominant in our lives (hello Black Mirror!), so when you have the opportunity to create something personal, tangible and meaningful, you do it!
2. People love receiving mail that isn’t a) utility bills b) local ads or c) jury duty
3. It’s just proper etiquette! If someone is spending any amount to put towards you + your ride or die’s lives together, the least you can do is thank them for their thoughtfulness.
4. It’s good for your own mental health. Knowing that you’ve sent out a bunch of warm fuzzies will in turn make you feel warm + fuzzy inside.

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Now if you’re sitting here thinking “Isn’t it taboo if I don’t write them myself?”, we feel you. And that’s totally your prerogative! At the end of the day, there are some couples who simply don’t have the time (which is 1000% fine too), and if it comes between outsourcing this service in a way that’s still personal + real vs. letting this task sit on the back burner for so long you forget about it entirely, we say why not go Plan A?

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Let’s be real. The most heartwarming part about The Notebook was when we learned Noah had written 365 letters to his beloved – every day for a year. And why do we get so emotional about this? Because snail mail rocks! It means someone has taken valuable time out of their day to show you they care. That they’re thankful for something you got them, that they’re thinking about you, or that they’re inviting you to something special. There is art in script and beauty in the small things. And it’s a practice the world won’t soon forget!

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WithThanks has nailed it as far as post celebration services are concerned. And boy are we smiling with relief at all the hand cramping we know we won’t have to suffer through in the future. Cheers to that party peeps! So if you’re curious about handwriting styles, testimonials or the writer herself (Taryn!), check it all out on the website here.

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