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Handmade Wedding, Part II

Handmade Wedding, Part II

Dulce, the bride from this lovely handmade retro wedding shares more details from her gorgeous vintage inspired wedding:

Let me tell you a bit about my husband and I. My husband is a DJ and I am an architect (this explains the venue and all the dancing).

I basically made everything, starting with the invitations. I was inspired by Bird and Banner. The invitation read “with her grandparents, Catalina Demi Rosales (my daughter) invites you, to witness a simple ceremony between her mommy and daddy.” They were printed on vintage hankies with a gocco and I designed the postcard and the map. They were held together by pink ribbon and a wax seal. (pictures soon to come by second photographer). The map was tea stained to look vintage.

I also made my programs which were also tea stained. I cut them out of 11×17 sheets and rolled them into little scrolls.

I found my bridesmaids all dresses from Target for 24.99! I made my own veil and asked my bridesmaids to make their own headpieces. I bought supplies and we had wine and “craft night.” They also helped me make one bout. I let them be creative and make their own. I think letting go and not having total control made it more fun for all of us.

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I decopaged hat boxes with tea stained music note sheets. The centerpieces and favors was something that I agonized over the entire time I was planning. I just couldn’t make up my mind. I finally decided on vintage silver teapots and pitchers, all tarnished and thrifted. I simply filled them with hydrangeas and tied two balloons to each one. The favors I included as part of the tablescape. I took very small doilies and dipped them in starch, laid them over small bowl, and allowed them to dry. This made a doily bowl. I filled them with crepe paper wrapped candies and tied the ends with ribbons. It turned out very nice.

All together my wedding cost about 10,000. I am pretty pleased with that.

See more photos from her wedding here.

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