Those of you familiar with Ruffled know we’re pretty big fans of our sponsor, Paloma’s Nest. The ever-talented Caroline creates ceramic keepsakes for your wedding day, all of which are customizable to your taste and vision. Her designs are no longer limited to just the Ring Bearer Bowl™; she’s now branched out into cufflinks, picture frames, and much more.

paloma's nest ceramic wedding keepsakes

As the creator of The Original Ring Bearer Bowl™, Paloma’s Nest singlehandedly invented the concept of employing a ceramic piece, instead of the traditional pillow, in a wedding ceremony to hold the wedding bands. The result was an entirely new take on the wedding tradition that has swept the bridal industry. Their Ring Bearer Bowl™ can be held by a bridesmaid or best man, an officiant, or reader — not just a ring bearer! Later, the Ring Bearer Bowl™ can be used to hold jewelry, or can hang on the wall or holiday tree as a beautiful reminder of your celebration.

A Paloma’s Nest piece is designed to be timeless. The color palette is limited to the natural colors of the materials — white, black, wood grain, and pure 18k gold and silver gilding. Says owner Caroline, “When we design, we make choices based on what will still look beautiful one hundred years from now, not based on what is trendy today. By inscribing our designs with texts, names, and dates, we give purpose to the pieces- commemorating an occasion, a celebration, a person, a special day or moment. We create heirlooms- Handcrafted Modern Heirlooms, that are intended to be passed on and used by future generations.”

Paloma’s Nest offers a large collection of gifts and keepsakes to include in your celebration, specializing in personalized, custom hand crafted pieces of the finest quality. Their newest collections include Custom Cufflinks for the gentlemen, and Keepsake Picture Frames.

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