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I’ve been searching everywhere for an off the beaten path album, and I think we have a winner! These are actually handbound journals, and the cover of some are made with vintage handkerchiefs. So up my alley. These books are luxe looking keepsakes. Do you think it can work as an album by adding black photo corners ? Made by Natalie As Is. The dainty details make me weak in the knees.

Vintage Handbound keepsake wedding album

  • Audrey

    Wow…gorgeous!! They’d be great as guestbooks, too!

  • So pretty… these would make great guestbooks or albums. I think I want one now!

  • I think it could definitely work. Maybe silver tabs, or the pictures with some handcrafted fiber paper behind… depends on the style you’re looking for! Great find!

  • Those are delicate looking and pretty. Love them!

  • Love these. So unique!

  • i think my <3 just skipped a beat
    definitely can be used as a photo album or guestbook and i love the fact that they are bound by vintage handkerchiefs

  • Really individual photo-albums! Very extraordinary and beautiful!

  • TheFutureWife

    How gorgeous these are… for wedding photo albums, guestbooks, or as beautiful gifts for a couple or new parents!!

  • Gorgeous!! I love the second one, with the bead accents. How lovely…

  • Kalyn

    I love these! I bought the middle one to use as a scrapbook style guest book!

  • love these! they remind me of the priscilla foster albums. elegantly handcrafted. have you looked into those?? beautiful!

  • They really are very beautiful. I checked the site and saw that they are made with acid-free paper which is very important for longevity of photos. However ideally you would like the paper to be much thicker in order to sturdily hold the photos without creasing or bending. I’m sure an album creator would be able to give more accurate advice on the materials used though and perhaps some advice on the possiblity of yellowing of the handkerchieves would be good too. Sorry to put a damper. I love them too!

  • Astonishing idea. We fell in love with these albums instantly!

  • How creative and lovely! It’s so inspiring to see these things, rather than the usual, typical wedding stuff that are available in the stores. These are the little things that make your wedding special, unique and truly yours.

  • WOW!!! These are AMAZING! :)

    Definitely saving this Etsy Shop! I would love to offer these to my clients!

    so impressed!

    thanks! :)

    katee grace :)

  • Dustin @ Diamond Studio

    Lovely, lovely! Some traditional vintage black and white photos, with photo corners will really make this handbound wedding album idea a special keepsake. NatalieAsIs is really delivering something remarkable and unique with her products! The middle one really caught my fancy, and I can just imagine how much my daughter will love it! I am sending her the link straight away.