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Guest Blogger: Ez from Creature Comforts

Guest Blogger: Ez from Creature Comforts

I’m beyond thrilled to have Ez from Creature Comforts with us today! She has the cutest shop which you may have already heard if you’re as obsessed with packaging as I am. Her shop, deservingly named Nice Package has all the packaging goodies you’ll need.

DIY Favor Package Ideas

Hello everyone! I’m Ez from Creature Comforts blog and I’m just delighted to be here today to share a little DIY idea with you for your big day or perhaps your next dinner party. I photographed as many steps as possible for the tutorial below, so it may look a bit complicated but I promise it’s as easy as, well…tying a bow! I hope you will enjoy! xo Ez

DIY Bow Wedding Favor Packaging

Step 1: Gather your supplies. You will need the following:
-Permanent Glue Dots (I used Zots brand dots – found at craft supply stores)
-Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks (optional)
-Ribbon (non-wired) in various patterns and colors, with widths between 1/2 to 2 inches. You will need up to 9 inches length for each bow (this length will very depending upon the width of the ribbon you are using).
-Elastic Cording – (I found mine in the jewelry section of my local craft supply store).

Step 2: Prepare the elastic cording (used to attach the finished bows onto your favors) by measuring a length that fits snugly around the bag or box you will be using. Tie ends in a secure knot to make a finished elastic band.

DIY project wedding favor bow box

Step 3: Measure a length of ribbon around 9 inches long. With the patterned-side down (if your ribbon is one-sided) place one glue dot onto the center of the back of your ribbon. Fold one end of your ribbon in and press down to secure.

Step 4: Place another glue dot onto the underside of the remaining end and fold in to the center. Press together to secure.

DIY wedding favors

Step 5: For the center of your bow you will use a ribbon that is at least half the width of the ribbon used for the main portion of your bow. Measure a segment that is at least 9 inches in length. Place a glue dot onto the center back of narrower ribbon.

Step 6: Adhere the narrower ribbon to the front center of the prepared bow using the glue dot that you attached in the previous step. Press to secure.

Bow tie wedding favor

Step 7: Turn bow over and begin to tie narrower ribbon into a knot that falls to the center of the larger bow.

Step 8: Pull knot tightly. This will give the bow its shape. If you will be using an elastic band to secure bows to your favors continue on to complete this tutorial. If you would not like to use an elastic band, tie another knot to secure and seal with a small dab of hot glue along the knot for permanency).

Bow tie wedding favor

Step 9: Take your prepared elastic band and thread it onto one end of the narrower ribbon.

Step 10: Tie ribbon into a tight knot. You will have a completed bow with an attached elastic band at this point. If you would like you can apply a small dab of hot glue to the back of the knot for extra security.

Bow tie wedding favor

Step 11: Turn your bow over and admire your handiwork! Adjust the ribbon if needed until it forms a bow shape that you like. Trim the tails of your ribbon to make them neat.

Step 12: Attach bows to your favors and enjoy! These bows are also great as napkin rings, table and room decor, for your cake serving set, and more. The sky’s the limit. Be creative and have fun!
DIY pretty wedding favor packaging

Thanks so much Ez for stopping by today! We have one last guest blogger closing our guest series on Friday, but shhh… it’s a surprise. I have a lovely wedding tomorow to tide you over.

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