Matching Groom Attire With Your Gown and Wedding Style

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We’d be lyin’ if we said that the prettiest weddings we’ve been privileged to showcase didn’t have a serious level of intentionality in the fashion department. Matching groom attire with your gown and wedding style overall makes all the difference in the world. And it’s one we see couples overlook all the time. But now that you’re here, we know you won’t make the same mistake! We’ve curated a handful of our favorite groom fashion pieces from nationwide online suit and tuxedo rental company, Stitch & Tie, to show you just how you can pair certain looks with specific moods. And with these real life examples to guide you, we can assure you that your wedding portraits are gonna be da

boho fit and flare wedding dress and bridal hat with a hunter green groom suit
Photo by Tiffany Perry Photography

Bohemian Weddings

Bohemian weddings have a reputation for being, well, original. The possibilities are seriously endless (take a peek at one of our favorite boho chic weddings in the Santa Ynez Valley here!). And just as the decor options exist without borders, so do the fashion opportunities!

We may or may not have a soft spot for a dark green suit as far as bohemian weddings go. Even though they are a little more unexpected than a blue or a grey suit, truth be told, we consider hunter green suits to be a new neutral! Pair it with a long tie, bow tie or bolo tie… accessories only make the look more unique.

Bohemian Weddings Groom’s Looks:

navy blue groom attire with a ruffled tulle bridal gown
Photo by Justin Critz Photography

Modern Weddings

You can’t go wrong with a blue suit now orrrrr pretty much ever. Our favorite shades are cobalt blue or a shade slightly darker than cobalt since they work for so. many. venues. Here the groom has added a floral tie with the suit because hey, it’s always fun to bring in a patterned accessory that speaks to the style of your wedding décor!

Modern Wedding Groom’s Looks: 

California beach wedding with patterned bridal gown and neutral tan groom attire
Photo by My Sun and Stars Co.

Beach Weddings 

Okay now. We realize that a tan suit is common for a beach wedding these days. But there is undoubtedly a reason for it. They always looks good! In this example, the color scheme for the wedding was warm, neutral tones so the groom added a burgundy bow tie to add a little pop to the overall look. There’s so much to love about a black tie look on the beach because of the high contrast and sophisticated vibe it brings. And this is Exhibit A!

Beach Weddings Groom’s Looks:

elegant black tie groom suit with white jacket and black bow tie
Photo by Mandy Ford Photography

Elegant Weddings

The term “sophisticated weddings” often makes us think of black tie and James Bond, so for that reason we are showing you a white tuxedo with a black lapel that’s complemented perfectly by this elegant venue. For this style, a black bow tie will probably be your ideal neckwear, alongside patent leather shoes. The complete tuxedo combo and 007 approved!

Elegant Weddings Groom’s Looks:

corset bodice wedding dress with a  pale blue groom suit
Photo by Carrie McGuire Photography

Whimsical Wedding 

Light suit colors often work best for whimsical wedding designs, especially when the gown has a lace corset bodice like this one. Not to mention, the powdery hue in the groom’s suit is a wonderful pair with the pastel colors throughout the bride’s bouquet. Softer menswear colors keep the mood light and fun and a little bit storybook, it tells your guests that your wedding will be relaxed, creative and authentically you.

Pro tip: Dark tones can be a lil bit jarring, so remember to keep the accessories simple and monochromatic.

Whimsical Wedding Groom’s Looks:

tropical wedding inspiration with an embellished wedding dress and burgundy groom suit
Photo by Little Honey Photography

Tropical Wedding

Knock knock.

Who’s there.


Orange who?

Orange’you glad that tropical weddings have some major sunshine power?

We are! For us, the name of the game for tropical weddings is all things bright. So it’s no wonder we’ve been seeing bold, confident colors in the groom fashion to match the mood lately. Here, the groom has donned a sexy burgundy tuxedo, which makes a powerful statement against the greenery and matches the level of formality in the bride’s embellished gown.

Tropical Wedding Groom’s Looks: 

dusty rose groom attire with a floral neck tie and bridal jumpsuit
Photo by Aurelia D’Amore Photography

Playful Wedding

Couples who love color, laughter and crazy cool experiences will probably find themselves landing on a wedding style near the coordinates of Playful Paradise and Kitschy Korner. So it’s no wonder we often see unconventional color palettes, patterns and design details translate from the decor to the florals to the fashion elements themselves. Here we’re putting the spotlight on the dusty rose pink suit that has been sweeping the wedding world by storm.  My, do we love this confidence.

A mix and match combination for the coat and pants is also a great idea for a playful wedding theme.  And we’ll let you in on a little secret… you can mix and match the coat and pant styles to your heart’s content when you book any pieces on the Stitch & Tie site!

Fun Wedding Groom’s Looks:

flower field wedding portraits with a black groom suit and romantic wedding dress
Photo by Jarrod J. Photo

You see? Matching groom attire with your wedding style never felt so easy! We hope this rundown gave you lots of useful groom’s style inspiration. Stitch & Tie has personal stylists available over chat, email and phone if you need help refining your styles. And if you book your wedding group by May 20, 2020, you can use RB10 to save 10% off each order in your group. I’d say that’s a win!

This post was sponsored by Stitch & Tie. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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