Very few wedding dress designs remain timeless. Grace Kelly’s is one of them. Margaret, the bride, had her dress custom made to replicate Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. From the dainty lace sleeves to the buttoned sash. Instead of a juliet cap veil she wore a fingertip veil with a lace edge, to maintain the look but keep it contemporary. Photos by Angela Anderson Studios. Now that’s a princess “look” I can live with.

Grace Kelly Wedding Dress Vintage Bride
Grace Kelly Wedding Dress Vintage Bride
Grace Kelly Wedding Dress Vintage Bride
Grace Kelly Wedding Dress Vintage Bride

  • so lovely.

  • Wow. The bride looks exquisite. The photo of her in front of the mirror – timeless.

  • I’ve always loved Grace Kelly’s dress. Absolutely perfect for a modern day wedding seeking a timeless look!

    absolutely stunning
    i originally wanted to find a dress similar to the one audrey hepburn wears
    in funny face.
    but then went a different route
    now i’m thinking i should have stayed with it!

  • wow! SO elegant! I love that if you saw some of these photos on their own, you would not know if they were old or new. Beautiful!

  • Pure elegance. Love it.

  • I absolutely love it! What a beautiful bride, and an equally beautiful dress. I love that even though the dress has lace up to the neck and long sleeves, it still manages to look classy and modern, rather than out-of-date! Amazing!

  • Brittany

    Where did she get her fur?? I want it!!!

  • Anne Marie
  • Michelle

    Does anyone know who made/ designed the dress?

  • Elizabeth

    Congratulations to the beautiful bride! It’s refreshing to see a dress like this, compared to the vast majority of cloned, strapless gowns that rule the day. Beautiful dress and a beautiful bride!

  • Rebecca

    LOVVVE it. So beautiful! I would love to know who made her gown and if they used vintage pattern what was the pattern???? I am interested in haveing something like this gown made(vintage gown) I have lots of ideas and pictures too. HELPPPP!!!!

  • Josée Perrier

    This is exactly what I call classic and timeless! How incredibly beautiful, especially on the beautiful bride.

    I was just wondering wanting to know where you got the dress or who made it. I basically would like to know exactly what Rebecca posted above on November 16th…

    Thanks and God bless!

  • Margaret Schay (Bride)

    I am so sorry that I have not checked this more often. Here is the info. on my dress:
    My seamstress was incredible and the total cost of my dress was $2,500. I went to Ona Stanley in Decatur, GA
    She is FABULOUS! Great to work with, amazing seamstress.

    I bought the fabric in Nashville at
    I had to look around a lot…Atlanta didn’t have the lace I wanted. It was very hard to find. It was a French lace–Alecon and cost $120/yd. You can call Muna Couture and ask for samples–they might send some.
    Ona did the entire dress from scratch. I don’t know if she made a pattern for it or not. She did use a book on Kelly’s gown. I forget the title but it can be found on Amazon. It’s a book exclusively about the dress and includes illustrations.

    Here’s another dress which Ona made for a friend of mine:

    Hope that helps!

  • Margaret Schay (Bride)

    Apparently the link for Ona’s site does not work. Here is her contact info:

  • Inna (Bride)

    are very very beautiful especially in this fabulous dress!I will merry on November’2011. I dream about the dress in Grace
    Kelly style, but can’t find at least similar anywhere in Russia :((((! Your fotos are made
    me thinking about making a replica of this dress. Thank u.