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Getting the Most from Wedding Styled Shoots

Getting the Most from Wedding Styled Shoots

How To Use Styled Shoots to Plan A Real, REAL Wedding

This post was first published in 2012, but it’s still relevant today when using styled shoots for your wedding planning inspiration.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we absolutely love styled shoots. They inject some creativity and inspiration into the wedding world in often unexpected ways, but often times it’s difficult to see how shoot ideas can translate into real weddings and their real budgets. In order to show how to use wedding inspiration shoots for your own wedding, we’ve asked some talented wedding professionals to dole out some of their advice for getting the most from wedding inspiration shoots, in 7 different ways:

Getting the Most from Wedding Inspiration Shoots
Above image from this shoot by nbarrett photography

Getting the Most from Wedding Inspiration Shoots

Above image from this shoot by Melissa Schollaert, Toast Events, and Andy Beach & Co.

lavender field weddings
Above image from this shoot by Eddie Judd and Charlie Beard

From Firefly Events: Usually, locations for styled shoots are picked to enhance the overall feel of the design. Event styling is amazing but the couple shouldn’t ignore the location. Our tip to couples who are trying to incorporate the look and feel of the styled shoot into their wedding is to ask themselves what words they would use to describe the location. When researching and visiting venues, ask yourself if you would use the same words to describe the venue.

Getting the Most from Wedding Inspiration Shoots
Above image from this shoot by Maria Mack Photography

For example, some keywords/feelings that would describe the location for this shoot seen above: rustic, natural beauty, earthy, romantic, organic, historic, intimate. You can use these keywords when searching online for venues. Many blogs by photographers and videographers will tag their posts using similar keywords with the location of the wedding. You may just find the great venue you were searching for!

Getting the Most from Wedding Inspiration Shoots

From Tree of Life Films:

If it’s a film of the styled shoot, the couple can still get a feel of what to expect from the videographer for their wedding film. Some questions to ask yourself while watching:

1. Do you like the choice of music? Is there good pacing and editing to the music?
2. Do you like the style of shooting? i.e. in this film, there are different types of shooting: handheld, slider (smooth panning shot), time lapse
3. Do you like how the videographer filmed the couple? Does it capture emotion between them?
4. Do you like the coloring of the film?

These are questions to ask while watching any wedding film to find out the best videographer for your wedding.

Getting the Most from Wedding Inspiration Shoots
Above image from this shoot by Delbarr Moradi and A & B Creative

From Lottie of Couture Events by Lottie: I strongly feel that brides can get not only great ideas from shoots like display or execution of details, but they can also use those very ideas and infuse them into their own wedding day. I try very hard to make all my shoots have realistic setups that can be easily woven into a wedding. Whether it’s a drink station, escort card idea or lovely tablescape, brides can see something not so ordinary and totally work with it. We all love shoot eye candy but it’s the best when you can take an idea and realistically use it or even make it better. I love to play with casual elements (maybe because I’m Texan) and jazz them up with a texture that appeals to your senses.

Getting the Most from Wedding Inspiration Shoots
Above image from this shoot by Stylish Soiree and Tinywater Photography

From Chelsea of Southern Fried Paper: When you look at a styled shoot – look at the details. Look how every vignette is carefully thought out. Look at the small decorative pieces that are tucked in alongside the lavish floral. You can do the same with your reception focal points – everything from the cake table to the favor table. It’s all of the little things that make the decor personal and special to you. Personalize every aspect you can!

Getting the Most from Wedding Inspiration Shoots
Above image from this shoot by Kellie Kano Photography and Elissa Keno Events

Getting the Most from Wedding Inspiration Shoots
Above image from this shoot by Gideon Photography and Forevermore Events

From Lottie of Couture Events by Lottie: This is particularly my favorite element to styling and design. I love a good theme. Not over the top but just the right dose. This is HUGE for brides and grooms because they can take very personal moments such as the place they met or where he proposed, and apply it to the details of their wedding. Maybe that’s a carnival, the Eiffel Tower or a small little backyard gathering. Have a theme puts attitude into all those “little” things.

Getting the Most from Wedding Inspiration Shoots
Above image from this shoot by Brumley & Wells

From Natalie Barrett: In our photoshoots, we like to stick to a specific theme by narrowing down and melding broad ideas that can later be woven into the wedding day. Staying within the loose boundaries of a theme not only helps to pull in consistency throughout but it also shows brides that they too can design their special day by simply adhering to a central topic (i.e. classic, modern, vintage, nautical, decade, etc.) Make sure to always keep your desired topic in the forefront when planning and developing each integral detail of the wedding. Pinterest has made it easy by allowing brides to pin images that come from a particular styled shoot or many different shoots to make one beautiful board loaded with their themed favorites.

Getting the Most from Wedding Inspiration Shoots
Nautical wedding inspiration shot by Alea Lovely from this feature

how to use wedding photoshoots
Above image from this shoot by Amanda Watson and Emerson Events

Scandinavian wedding ideas
Modern and fresh colors from this Scandinavian shoot captured by Jeff Loves Jessica and styled by The Honeycomb Collective

Getting the Most from Wedding Inspiration Shoots
Pops of purple from this photoshoot by Belovely Events captured by Jillian McGrath Photography

From Camden Chitwood of Emerson Events: Choosing your color palette is one of the most important concepts for your big day. The time of year and venue will be your most important factors in this step. Do you want drama? Go for bright bold colors… and stay true to them! Choose a few and stick with them throughout the entire wedding. I love the use of color in the wedding invitation. The invitation is the first “glimpse” guests will get. It will set the tone for your wedding. Exact color matches can be tough, so if you have a specific color in mind, be open to incorporating different shades. Most importantly, choose what speaks to you. If you have something crazy in mind… run with it, darling!

how to use wedding photoshoots
Above image from this Cinco de Mayo inspired shoot captured by nbarrett photography, florals by Bows and Arrows and paper goods by Southern Fried Paper

Getting the Most from Wedding Inspiration Shoots
Vintage china rental from Casa de Perrin shot by lunaphoto from this inspiration shoot

Another important element of styled shoots is to take note of products or vendors you might like to use for your own wedding day. With the proliferation of inspiration shoots these days, there are bound to be some taking place right near you, and they’re a great way to learn about new vendors! Even so, a photographer or stylist might catch your eye and we guarantee they’d love to travel to take place on your special day. At the very least, you might even see the perfect plate design you’ve been looking for or the exact bouquet arrangement!

how to use wedding photoshoots

DIY idea above from this shoot , captured by Jeremy and Alicia Brown and designed by Vintage Whites Weddings

The outpouring of creativity in wedding shoots is infinite. You find yourself pinning your little heart out for all of the amazing ideas each shoot brings, and perhaps you may find some bits and bobs that you now must make yourself stat. Simple ideas that don’t require further instructions beyond what you see are great starting points to put your own twist to add your stamp to your wedding day.

Check out how to make this pixelated backdrop created by Sweet Sunday Events and shot by Caroline Joy Photography featured in this shoot.

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  • You took the words right out of my head, ladies! Some people have very strong negative feelings about inspiration shoots (they’re not realistic, vendors are deceptively trying to pretend it’s a real wedding, etc.) and I always find myself going back to the points that you made here. These shoots are meant to inspire and give couples and industry pros alike, ideas and resources. Great post!

  • The creation of every work of art, unforgettable film or beautiful piece of music has always been inspired by creativity & artists. Inspiration is the starting block to something amazing – and this is why wedding styled shoots should be embraced.

    Rather than finding them intimidating, we recommend brides simply look at the ideas they offer – whether a small unique detail or the inspiration for a complete theme – they’re a wonderful tool to help spark their wedding vision.

    Thanks for the great advice and helping to make inspiration a reality!

  • These are all beautiful. I love the ideas presented here. They are so colorful and so captivating. Thanks for sharing us these pictures.

  • I love all of your tips! I just have one question thought…what is the name of that calligraphy font you used on your images? I absolutely LOVE it and want to buy it. 🙂


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