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Geometric Gems Styled Elopement

Geometric Gems Styled Elopement

In this absolutely breathtaking styled shoot from Sonia Bourdon Photographe, we saw creativity at its finest unfold. Mlle Artsy was the designer for this and rather than shy away from the cold temperatures, they embraced it, threw a pretty dress in and a bespoke suit for good measure, and dolled up this cave to no end. This setting definitely comes with ample inspiration, so Flore&Sens Atelier Floral created colorful arrangements that meshed perfectly with the aesthetic of the shoot and its surroundings. Who says all of the warm months get to have all of the fun styled shoots?

copper wedding accents - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

From the event designers, Mlle Artsy: This creative shoot was inspired by our magnificent wintry landscapes of Canada. We are blessed to have such breathtaking scenery here, and we had to put nature at the forefront of our styled elopement shoot. We were greatly inspired by the cave at Arbraska Laflèche, with its unbelievable stalagmites and gorgeous stone walls. The cave inspired our colour palette: shades of white, gold, rust and black, and completed our palette with a rich dark turquoise color that we used as our accent color. We incorporated geometrics, granite, geodes, quartz and gems into the shoot, which tied into the location. Those quartz perfectly complemented the stalagmites and stalactites found on site. We transform this cave into a mine of Ice and Gems. Finally, a winter wedding is not completed without furs, especially for their rich textures and warm colours.

modern black invitations - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

gemstone engagement rings - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

The ceremony for our couple’s elopement had to be done in the cave! The decor focused on lighting and bringing out the beauty of the natural surroundings. We added lighting behind the stalagmites to make them glow, as well as overall lighting to bring out the colours in the stone walls. We didn’t want to overwhelm the scene, so we simply went with a minimalist copper alter with foliage. We were all speechless, as the beauty of tis cave was indescribable. Our bride in her quartz crown really looked like a queen surrounded by all those glowing ice formations. She looked amazing!

wedding hairpieces - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

indigo wedding details - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

broken glass place settings - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

Just outside of the cave, we set their small reception table for two. The cave walls covered their table, framing their view on the white forest. To bring out golden and rusty colours, we used a wooden tea wagon for table and two antique gold upholstered chairs covered with soft ivory furs. A beautiful jewel toned floral centerpiece dressed the table, complete with eucalyptus branches that cascaded down our dark teal suede table runner. We completed our centerpiece with brass geometric sculptures, vintage brass candlesticks and stones. We used granite slabs as charger plates and completed the settings with ornate gold cutlery, white porcelain and black octagonal plates. Finally, our menu and place cards were cut from acrylic with hand-painted gold edges to complete our theme.

wedding photography - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

tablescapes - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

reception table details - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

modern table place settings - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

wedding quotes - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

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geometric wedding cakes - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

Along the forest path, we also styled a chic bar. The cake was such a masterpiece, made in a bold dark teal colour and decorated delicate sugar flowers, geometric forms and a glittering druzy stone that complemented our bride’s jewellery and bouquet. The cake even had a marble tier that looked just like our charger plates. All of La Toque’s pastries were also showcased like jewelry, displayed in beautiful brass terrariums and glass jewellery boxes. We also decided to create beautiful quartz jewellery, and accessories for our bride, to tie into the ice formations found inside the cave. I worked with our jeweller to create a full collection of hairpieces and jewellery, made of quartz spikes, fresh water pearl and gold elements. All those items had a really delicate and feminine touch to them. We also made a bouquet of quartz, geode, and gold pearl cluster bouquet with a geometric brass frame. We wanted the bouquet to be an extension of the cave and encompass all its beauty, as well as our bride’s delicacy. A keepsake for our couple to remember all this love and beauty that surrounded them on this special day!

wedding bouquets - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

weddings in winter - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

marbled wedding cake designs - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

Canadian weddings - photo by Sonia Bourdon Photographe

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