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DIY Entry Garden Seed Packets

DIY Entry Garden Seed Packets

Rebecca created garden seed packets that doubled as place cards. She shares the template she made, so you can get started right away!

wedding confetti packets

What you’ll need:
DIY seed packet template (click to download)
– Cardstock or text-weight paper
– Bone folder
– Ruler
– Exacto knife or paper cutter
– Permanent double-sided tape
– Self-healing mat
– Seeds

seed packet favor ideas
cute wedding seed packets

Step 1: Print out the DIY seed packet template onto cardstock or regular paper.
Step 2: Score along the dotted lines with bone folder.
Step 3: Cut out each seed packet along the solid outlines with exacto knife or paper cutter.
Step 4: Fold along scored flaps.
Step 5: Place double-sided tape on side flaps to secure.
Step 6: Fill with flower seeds, bird seeds, confetti, or whatever else your heart desires!
Step 7: Secure top flap with double-sided tape.
Step 8: Display them together in a basket or individually at individual place settings.

Seed Packet tips: to ensure that seeds remain dry, combine them with powdered milk before filling packets. Include a note about planting location and the recommended season/conditions for planting. These seed favor packets are perfect for a garden wedding or bridal shower. They can be used as favors, as seating place cards, or even as confetti or birdseed holders.

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  • My finance and I made seed packets using wallpaper and a envelop template! 🙂

  • These will be a perfect favor for my friends baby shower filled with her favorite seeds in honor of her baby girl!!! Thanks!

  • The seed packet idea is wonderful. In Texas, we love our wildflowers and to give each guest wildflowers that they can cast to the wind, would be a place that I would come to every year to see the progress of the flowers.

  • They look amazing. Can you tell me is this A4 sized card stock that you used?

  • This may sound ignorant, but I have read many sites that use “double-sided tape.” Do you need to just be extra careful so that the tape doesn’t overlap? I’m envisioning seeds being STUCK to the tape….Hmm….

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