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Freebie Fridays: Wrap Around Labels

Freebie Fridays: Wrap Around Labels

More damask wrap around address labels for you! Courtesy of The Fussy Designer. Remember you can buy adhesive paper sheets to print them on. Each template makes 4 address labels.

Free Printable Wrap Around Address Labels

Blue and Green labels.pdf

Orange labels.pdf

Brown labels.pdf

Black Damask Labels.pdf

Light Blue Damask labels.pdf

Kelly Green Damask labels.pdf

Red Damask labels.pdf

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  • Hello and thank you for these!! The red, blue and kelly green don’t work (can’t type onto the)…how can I make these work?

    Thanks so much!!

  • They are all opening in adobe acrobat with no problems for me! Maybe check to see if your version of adobe is up to date. You can download the newest version for free from their website!

  • Hello again! Thanks for getting back to me 🙂

    They all open and the black, brown, and orange ones are perfect!! The red, green and blue ones also open but they don’t provide the capability to type onto them like the rest. Hmmm…

    I will try and update and see what happens. Thanks!!

  • Very pretty! How are these used? Can someone post a link to these in use? thanks for all of the wonderful freebies!

  • Hi there,
    I am able to open the pdf, but when I try to change the address on the left it lets me but then it switches it to horizontal versus the vertical it is shown in. Is there any way I can edit it without it changing how it looks? I am using a MAC. Please help, thanks!

  • i’m with Jami, would like to try but not sure how they works, please help

  • Hi Amanda,
    I LOVE the Black Damask pattern you used here as well as the patterns you used on the waterbottle labels. I have been searchinig and searching for this pattern as a border to you for an Itinerary for our Destination Wedding “Welcome Bags” Would you be able to email me the pattern or tell me how to do this? I’ve searched everywhere for it.

    Thank You So much!!!

  • Can you tell me what size labels these print on? I am not sure which ones to buy.

  • Hi Amanda,
    I would love to print these, but don’t know what size label to buy?
    Please let me know, I have been looking for something exactly like this forever! Thanks!

    • Yes, it seems that the website that offered these files no longer exist. 🙁 I will keep this label type in mind next time we create a free download!

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