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Freebie Fridays: Printable Damask Patterns

Freebie Fridays: Printable Damask Patterns

Damask lovers, this is your dream come true!

Lindsey was very kind to share the templates she created for her wedding using the above patterns that also sent me. Thanks so much for sharing these templates, I’m sure a lot of my readers will make great use of them (right, girls?). Check out her amazing black, white and green knot bio.

Download wrap around address labels template.ppt

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Download water bottle template.ppt


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  • Why can’t I download these templates? I just get the picture of them with no way to download them. Thanks for any help.

  • What are the wraparound address labels used for? I haven’t ever seen them before and am curious.

  • Hi! Where can I find the patterns you used? I would like to download any one of them as a border for an intinerary. I’ve been searching everywhere and I want it to match the waterbottle labels.

  • Allyson,

    I believe Lindsey, who made these templates, also designed these backgrounds. This post is almost 3 years old, but you might want to reach out to her to find out.


  • Thanks Amanda, I just sent you another email on a different post. I read it backwards. I kept seeing your name and wrote to you again instead of Lindsey. Do you know how I can email her? I couldn’t find a contact email on her Knot bio

  • Thank you for this template!! This is the easiest one I have worked with! I love it! I’ll use it many times!

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