No need for a green thumb for this project, because we created a collection of all the leaves we love into one printable book. This fun cutout book DIY is a testament as to why Fiskars‘ time and time again is a must for all of your cutting crafts. Come grab your free leaf printables and get ready! All photos by Clarence Chan.

All the Foliage Printables You Will Ever Need in this DIY Cutout Book

All the Foliage Printables You Will Ever Need in this DIY Cutout Book

What you’ll need:

All the Foliage Printables You Will Ever Need in this DIY Cutout Book

Free leaf printables for your tropical heart's content

Free leaf printables for your tropical heart's content

Come get these foliage printables for garlands and gift tags!

You can use these leaf printables for SO many projects, including this DIY Brass Plant Mobile we shared a couple of months ago. Make garlands, place cards, paper table runners, gift tags, wishing trees, and you can print these on different color paper, sticker labels, foil paper, patterned paper…I can spend all day making a list :)

Free leaf printables waiting for you!

Love these free leaf printables for DIY garlands!

Leaf Printables for gift tags

Fiskars Total Control® Non-stick Precision Scissors was made for detail cutting. You can use these on tape, sticky label sheets, vellum and even chipboard. These tricky shapes, like the ferns or fan palm leaves? It’s handled.

tropical leaf printables for your next party

Fall leaf printables for DIY ideas

Print all of our leaf templates and fold each page in half along the dotted lines. Make sure the printed side is facing the outside, so it should be folded the opposite of a book. We used a wide variety of colored printing paper.

Free leaf printables for your tropical heart's content

Monstera leaf printables

Free leaf printables for DIY cutout book

Make your own gift tags with these free leaf printables

We are giddy about this project because you can make so many different things with it. You can make a cutting book, and assemble it with the help of a punch binder, popsicle stick, and twine. Punch a hole on the right side of each printed sheet. Fold each sheet in half with the printed side facing the outside, and thread all pages through the binder holes, securing it with a popsicle stick, wooden coffee stirrer or twig and twine. This is a great activity book in lieu of coloring books. My favorite part is that once the whole book is fully cut out, it looks just as beautiful as the cut leaves.

Make your own tropical garland with these free leaf printables

Free leaf printables and DIY cutout book

Download our Free Leaf Printables:
Aloe Vera Leaf Printable | Banana Leaf Printable |
Birch Leaf Printable | Calla Lily or Heart Plant Leaf Printable | Dusty Miller Printable
| Elm Leaf Printable | English Ivy Printable |
English Oak | Eucalyptus | Fan Palm | Fern | Fiddle Leaf | Gingko | Holly
| Lotus | Maple Leaf | Monstera | Philodendron | Tropical Aralia | Water Lily Pad

For more information on Fiskars crafting products, including their DIY essential Orange-handled Scissors (which are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year!) check out their website or follow Fiskars on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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