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Spring 2010 DIY Contest

Spring 2010 DIY Contest

It’s time for our very first annual DIY Contest here on Ruffled. A few weeks ago you answered our survey, and DIY projects were nearly an unanimous request. So I took your request into consideration and decided to “meet somewhere in the middle”, bringing vintage and DIY together. This is a big moment for Ruffled – the first place winner will receive $500, and the second place winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to Wendy Mink Jewelry!

The theme for our DIY Contest is “Found Tucked Away and Used Today”. Participants must incorporate an old item into a do-it-yourself project. It can be a table centerpiece, an escort card display … I will leave it up to your creativity!

This DIY boutonniere project is a great example of vintage and DIY happily married.

To enter the contest:

  • Email me (amanda at 4-8 images that are each at least 600 pixels wide;
  • A list of supplies with links to where to find them;
  • Step by step instructions

Everyone is welcome to participate. Brides, wedding planners, florists, crafsters… time to get your hands dirty! You can submit as many projects as you would like to increase your chances of winning. Entries close on March 25,2010. Entries will be posted in the order they were received. The best projects will be chosen and posted. Voting will begin March 29,2010.

Sweet reminder: the winner will receive $500, and the second place winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to Wendy Mink Jewelry!

Have fun and good luck!

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  • Hi there

    My name is Maria and I come from Iceland. I love your blog and would like to participate in this contest as I am getting married in November and ideas are overflowing here at our home. Do you accept international participants?

    Best wishes from Iceland – Maria

  • if we made something that was inspired by a real wedding we saw, can we enter it? or does it have to be something never seen before (which, i guess might not exist). thanks!

  • Amanda, I’m so excited about this but I do have a few questions

    1.Do I have to list where I got every supply from? I get most things from crafts stores like Michaels etc.

    2. Since it’s wedding related, could I enter a pretty gift box adorned with a vintage feel?

    Thank you 🙂

  • You don’t have to list item by item if you got them from the same store, and yes, you can enter any type of project that can be used in weddings, rehearsal dinner parties etc!

  • Can you purchase vintage items to use as your “found tucked away” item, or do they actually have to be found tucked away?

  • quick question… do we have all day tomorrow (the 25th) to submit an idea or are you not excepting tomorrow?


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