Calling all DIY couples! If you plan on arranging flowers yourselves, make sure to bookmark Flower Muse before you order your flowers. Flower Muse is a farm direct flower company that takes pride in offering flowers that are agriculturally and socially responsible without compromising on great prices. Below are some of our personal favorite blooms found on Flower Muse along with a quick guide:

If you’re looking for bouquet ideas, check out some real wedding examples using ranunculus, anemones, mums and baby’s breath.

Every order with Flower Muse always receives free shipping regardless of quantity. No need to hunt down coupon codes or wait for a promo. Whenever you got your list of flowers and are ready to order, Flower Muse guarantees the freshest and highest quality flowers. They are sourced from only the best farms all over the world from their own farms.

To make Valentine’s Day even sweeter, Flower Muse is giving away $500 gift certificate to purchase any flowers from their store. To enter, check out Flower Muse and their Valentine’s Day flowers section and let us know in the comments section below what flowers you would love to receive from your honey. A winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Friday, February 8th in our Weekly Wrap Up.

Flower Muse is also offering 10% discount on your entire order. Just enter the coupon code RUFFLED10 at checkout.

Good luck!

  • Lindsay

    I love parrot tulips!

  • elise

    I absolutely adore peonies and the light pink peonies from Flower Muse are beautiful, I would love to receive these for Valentine’s Day! I am getting married in June and am hoping so badly that I’ll be able to incorporate peonies into my floral arrangements and centerpieces. Fingers Crossed!

  • Nancy

    I would love to receive the Valentine’s Day Petite Pink Hydrangea bouquet from my honey! I absolutely love hydrangeas :)

  • Rhian

    I would love to receive the Green Mini-Cymbidiums Orchids!

  • Gosh, what a great flower resource! For Valentine’s Day, I’d like my honey to bring me home the petite white hydrangea – delicate and airy and romantic (Just like he is! The romantic part, of course…) :)

  • Jessica

    I would love to win because I want to send some stunning tulips to my wonderful mother. Her mother (my grandmother) passed away many years ago–grew up in Holland and loved tulips. They are my mom’s favorite flower and for Valentine’s day I’d love the send her some of the amazing selection of tulips I see on the site. I think she would never forget it.
    Thanks! (fingers crossed!!!)

  • Annie

    I love the pink peonies! They are gorgeous – I hope to have them in my wedding bouquets!

  • Evelyn

    I just love their Valentine’s Day Petite Lavender Hydrangea — lavender is one of the inspirations behind our wedding style, too! ::swoon::

  • erica

    puffy, pink, perfect peonies!

  • Jessica W.

    I think the antique blue and white hydrangeas would be perfect and brighten any tabletop. I’m not big on pinks and reds so these aren’t the traditional valentines flowers but they are beautiful!

  • Amy

    The pink and white mini callas are perfect!! So lovely.

  • Leslie

    What a hard decision! They are all beautiful! I would be happy to get any of them, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the mini-cymbidium orchids in white.. or light pink. They are GORGEOUS!

  • This would be hard I love the Pink peonies and the fact that they are not available right now makes them even more of a want but the Jumbo Green Antique Hydrangea for Valentine’s Day. Wish my hubby would send me both then I could fill the house with flowers.

  • April

    The yellow tulips are beautiful and make me excited for spring!!

  • Alissa W.

    Definitely the peonies! I didn’t even know you could get them this time of year.

  • Shelby Keller

    I love the Valentines day Purple Parrot tulips! there beautiful!

  • Larissa

    My favorites are hydrangeas and irises…they could make an interesting and beautiful combination!

  • tuyen nguyen

    i love love love pink peonies! They are soo beautiful.

  • The pink peonies are a great choice. I love dressing them up with some dusty miller from the garden. It’s great to see a company with such great quality and options. Definitely sending a link to my husband (hint hint honey!)

  • Cassandra

    I would love the Mini Calla Lillies!

  • Julie

    The peonies are perfect!

  • Hilary

    The antique blue hydrangeas! Vintage-looking flowers for a vintage-lovin’ girl :)

  • Erin S

    I would LOVE to receive some gorg peonies!!

  • Emily

    I absolutely love the pink peonies!

  • I would love to get the white peonies from my valentine this year! <3

  • Sarah R

    My favorites are the ranunculuses and the hydrangeas. So pretty! Not sure if I would put them together but I LOVE. :) Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  • Wendy

    I’m into the romantic classics, so red roses from my fiance on Valentine’s Day would make me happy. The beautiful white ranunculus, peonies, and anemones would be perfect for my nautical-themed November wedding! Looks like Flower Muse has some great options for DIY brides-to-be like me…thanks for the heads up!

  • My favorites are Orange Ranunculus. :)

  • krys

    I love the white peonies and the red hydrangeas!

  • Kari

    I’ve always loved tulips, since they’re the first sign that spring has finally arrived. So a whole bouquet of pink and yellow fringed ones from my fiance would really make my Valentines Day:)

  • Shawna

    I love parrot tulips! So unique!

  • Julia

    The orange roses or the hot pink roses would be lovely to get from my fiance! I’ve also always thought ranunculus are beautiful in wedding photos, but I’ve never received them as a gift in-person so I’d love to see what they look like!

  • Jill

    Any tulips–but especially those stunning Super Green Parrot Tulips!

  • Marissa

    Def the Valentine’s Day White Mini-Cymbidium Orchids. I LOVE orchids, and I would love to receive a humongous cascade of them as a gift!

  • I didn’t even know you could get peonies at this time of year, but they are right on the Valentine’s Day page. I love those big, shaggy flowers SO much! I’d love to get those!

  • Pink Peonies please! They would really brighten up my office desk. :)

  • Ashley W.

    For sure it’s going to be pink peonies!!! along with some hydrangea and ranunculus in matching white or ivory would be so romantic! Even with some pop colors like hot pink or warm orange would just be even more adorable! Originally I was hoping all these my favorite flowers would show up at my wedding, too bad the precious peonies and hydrangea didn’t…hopefully they will show up on the first Valentine’s Day after the wedding :)

  • Alexis

    Love them all, but among the Valentine’s Day flowers, I especially love the purple parrot tulips and both the orange and the pink and white mini calla lily bouquets.

  • tatiana

    Would LOVE the anemones (in white)…so beautiful, simple and classic!

  • Moira

    We are planning to do our own flowers and Flower Muse is a great resources! Thanks for featuring them! I would love to get white peonies for Valentine’s Day! They are so fun, soft and romantic!

  • Parke

    I would have to go with the peonies. They are gorgeous!

  • Sarah

    It’s hard to choose just one, but I’d love to receive the Valentine’s Day Light Pink Mini-Cymbidium Orchids.

  • Desiree

    I LOVEEE the mini-calla lilies! So pretty!

  • Ashlee

    Any flowers would be great. I’ve only ever gotten a single rose from my fiance (it was free at the grocery store after valentines day one year) — he’s not into buying ‘things that die.’ I’d love to be able to convince him otherwise, because it’s my dream to have a BOUQUET of roses to call my own!

  • Esther

    I would love some pink peonies – everybody’s favorite!

  • Kirby

    Any of the mini calla lily bouquets are just gorgeous! I adore the pink and white bouquet.

  • Holly Denise

    I would love the “VALENTINE’S DAY PINK AND WHITE (MINI) CALLA LILY BOUQUET” – so classic and bright!

  • Jessica McCormick

    I just got engaged in December so flowers for the wedding are most def on the brain! We both LOVE hydrangeas so that would be my pick to receive from my honey! How unique!!

  • Jeannette

    I absolutely love the white mini cymbidium orchids! So elegant!

  • Gina

    Love love love white peonies. :D

  • Zoe

    Like the majority of the world, I’m a sucker for peonies. Sign me up for the Pink Peonies! Now, how do I subtly let my fiance know…?

  • Ariana A

    I LOVE the Valentine’s Day White Mini-Cymbidium Orchids. Orchids are my favorite!!

  • I would love the green antique hydrangea. So pretty!

  • Jaime G.

    Any color ranunculus would be my pick, and the anemone are also gorg.

  • Emily R

    I would LOVE to receive any flowers! But if I had to choose, my ideal bouquet would include hydrangeas or ranunculus!

  • Caitlin C.

    I love me some peonies! I can’t really choose between the really sweet light pink or the white – so I’d go with a combo! Peonies are so gorgeous. They brighten up the room! Oh flowers!

  • Jenna

    I adore the orange roses. They are so vibrant and simply gorgeous.

  • Matt

    The Ranunculus are beautiful, can see them making friends with a nice bundle of the baby’s breath!

  • April

    Orchids are always beautiful!

  • susan hwang

    Those hydrangeas are gorgeous! I would love to have those at my wedding!

  • Rachael

    I would love to receive a boquet of Jumbo Blue Hydrangeas and White Peonies. I like my flowers fresh and full!

  • angi muller

    LOVE the peonies and the hydrangeas. BEAUTIFUL!

  • Anya

    The Pink and White Mini Call Lily Bouquet is adorable! :o)

  • Kari H.

    There’s nothing like receiving a single pink peony, let alone a bouquet’s worth. I would love to get a gift like that from my hubby!

  • Kelly Dowd

    I’d love the purple tulips :) They’d make me feel like spring is coming!

  • Jess

    Obsessed with the pink peonies!

  • Lauren

    I love those ranunculus1

  • kate

    I would want a mix of the purple and the pink ranunculus. They’re adorable! Although the hydrangea would be quite classy.

  • Abbey

    Like every other gal on this planet, we all want to be Blair Waldorf and get pink peonies. I am no different.

  • Beautiful shop! I love the light pink orchids :)

  • Laura Lee

    I would just die if my fiance gave me a bouquet of pink & white peonies with a few white roses thrown in. Seriously, gorgeous :)

  • Jess C.

    Love the white Valentine’s Day Peonies. Such a treat!

  • tiffany

    i love, love, love the hydrangeas!!! this is what I’m planning on using for my wedding too!!

  • Rachel

    I would love the orange mini cala lillies!

  • Mary

    The pink and white peonies are so romantic and adorable. I’d love a bouquet of those mixed together!

  • Emily

    I would LOVE hydrangeas and pink peonies! So pretty!

  • Sarah

    I would like to receive the pink peonies!!!

  • Keri

    I would love to get the orange mini callas – so pretty!

  • KK

    I love the yellow and pink bi-color roses!! They remind me of a sunset.

  • Erin T.

    I’m 100% a tulip girl so I have t say the orange and red tulips.

  • MelissaW

    Hydrangeas and peonies are my two favorite flowers, so that’s what I’d love a bunch of!

  • danielle

    I would LOVE the pink peonies!! I love love peonies and that light pink is so pretty!

  • nikki

    Big beautiful bouquet of pink peonies please!

  • nikki

    Pretty pink peonies please!

  • Nelly Widmann

    The pink peonies are just gorgeous!!

  • kfloveinme

    I would love the Pink Peonies! I love Peonies!

  • Ali

    Valentine’s Day Pink and White Tulips. They remind me of my grandpa :)

  • Jen

    Orchids! They remind me of California. :)

  • tiff

    i love both the pink peonies and the green mini-cymbidium orchids. a combination of the two would be amazing!

  • Sarah M.

    I just adore those purple parrot tulips!!!

  • Emily K.

    I would love peonies! They’re gorgeous!

  • Lauren

    Peonies all the way!!!!

  • Evalyn W


  • Lori

    I would swoon if I was given a bouquet of their Valentine’s Day Peonies from my honey. So pretty!

  • I love the pink peonies (like everyone and their mom, it seems).

    Lovely giveaway, thanks!

    See Alice Go

  • Tyne

    Oh what a lovely giveaway! I would like white ranuculas with peach hydrangeas! Or pink ranunculas with white hydrangeas…thank you!

  • Ellyse

    I would love to get some pink peonies!

  • Lindsey

    Would love the petite red hydrangeas. Simply stunning!

  • I would love to come home to the beautiful pink peonies on V-Day. They remind me of one of our first dates to the Chinese garden in Portland, where they have a yearly exhibition of peonies, they were beautiful :)

  • Shannon

    Such beautiful flowers! I am in love with the Valentine’s Day peonies.

  • Miriam

    Looooove the peonies. And hydrangeas. They are so romantic.

  • Jane

    The purple parrot tulips are beautiful.

  • Anna Mower

    A mixture of Valentines Pink and White Peonies with a pop of Purple Parrot Tulips! Stunning Flowers and Combo <3

  • Cathleen

    The peonies are my favorite!

  • Lindsay

    I could never say no to peonies… ;0) maybe a mix of pink and white with a few red roses and a couple orchids or tulips thrown in for good measure? *swoon*

  • Ashly

    White peonies please!

  • Brittney Bowers

    If I were to receive some of these beautiful flowers from my honey would defiantly go with some classic roses for valentines day. Maybe a beautiful assortment of different colored roses. Pinks, peaches and greens!

  • kathy

    I would love the antique white hydrangeas!
    It’s so full of life, like a big fluffy white cloud that’s blushing.

  • Crystal W. (@EatDrinkClev)

    I would love a mix of the pink peonies and the Valentine’s Day Purple Parrot Tulips. Great site – thanks for sharing!

  • Mark Angersola

    I would love to send my fiance a giant bouquet of the pink and orange tulips – she loves them so much but the deer always eat hers :)

  • Sami

    If my sweetie gave me the pink peonies, I would give him a day of football viewing, beer and no judgement.

  • Rickelle

    I would love any bright tulips….they are classic yet unexpected.

  • Emmy

    I adore the 2 dozen light pink roses bouquet! It makes me so happy.

  • Megan L

    This is such a romantic giveaway! If I could have my honey bring me any bouquet of flowers, I would LOVE to see a huge, bunch of the petite red hydrangeas! Hydrangeas are, by far, my favorite flower and the red is gorgeous and perfect for Valentine’s Day, plus so unique as you don’t see those very often!

  • elise

    peonies, of course! classic and lovely

  • Chelsey

    Always a fan of hydrangeas!

  • Kelley

    Any flowers are welcome – I love them all. Pink and white peonies are my favorite, though. Can spring seriously hurry up!?

  • Kate Lerner

    I love the pink peony bouquet. So heavenly! Maybe I’d throw in a few cerise anemones as well?

  • Jennifer

    Pink Peonies are my FAVORITE!!! Who wouldn’t LOVE to receive them for Valentine’s Day?!?…or any day for that matter!! :)

  • Mandy

    Peonies would be awesome! :)

  • I love the white peonies and the burgundy callas!

  • Loving the pink peonies!

  • Tory

    Wow- I love this company! I’m always a fan of tulips, so I’d have to vote for the Valentine’s Day Purple Parrot Tulips… they are stunning! Fingers crossed!

  • Henny

    Light pink peonies!!! Love love love!!!

  • kathleen

    Ah! how cool. I love so many it’s hard to pick. But, I’m going with an all white and green arrangement scheme, so I love the aneomes and ranunculus! they would be perfect for a modern barn wedding.

  • Katie F (soon to be M!)

    Call me a classic romantic, but red roses will always (ALWAYS!) do the trick. Really, though, any flower choice from my Honey is perfect.

  • I am a sucker for a tulip. My dad grew them in front of our house, growing up. And they are all along Michigan Ave in the spring…they are home to me.

  • Amanda

    Nothing’s more romantic than calla-lillies! I love the orange (mini)calla-lillies bouquet. <3

  • Kathleen

    Love love love those amazing parrot tulips!

  • The Valentine’s Day Petite Pink Hydrangea bouquet. SO gorgeous!

  • It’s gotta be peonies. Any color, any time, any day. :)

  • Erin

    The green hydrangeas are the best! So sweet.

  • Casey

    purple parrot tulips!

  • Colette

    Love the spray roses!

  • Anne Souder

    I love the baby’s breath! Reminds me of my childhood!

  • Jenni Dickinson

    The white peonies are stunning!!!!

  • Jenny

    Love the ranunculus!

  • Rachel

    jackpot blue thistle

  • Iris Yau

    Love the pop of color from the Hot Pink Ranunculus

  • Jean Park

    i LOVE pink peonies!

  • Eliza F

    Honestly all I want right now is a bouquet of tulips, any of them, although the purple parrots are just plum cool. Oh man, and I totally didn’t mean that pun.

  • Aly

    I love the yellow fringe tulips!

  • Michelle

    The purple parrot tulips are gorgeous, and would be stunning with the white peonies!

  • Emily

    I love, love, love hydrangeas and roses!

  • Leslie

    The pink surprise rose bouquet would be lovely ;0)

  • Amanda

    the valentine’s white mini-cymbidium orchids, please!

  • Alyson

    white peonies!!

  • Clare Souder

    I love the blue hydrangeas!

  • Anng

    Love, love, love the pink peonies!

  • Laura Schell


  • Byrdi

    I would LOVE a bouquet of purple parrot tulips! So fun!

  • Tim

    My fiancé would love the Majolica Spray Roses with some Baby’s Breath!

  • Amy

    The pink peonies would be a dream to receive!

  • Jenny Dodson

    I love hydrangeas myself, but from my fiance, a bouquet of the white and pink peonies would be perfect.

  • nikka

    I would love to receive the pink peonies.. gorgeous!

  • Sandra

    Pink peonies for sure! What a beautiful and elegant statement flower.

  • Carmen

    I would love the kiwi green hydrangeas!!!

  • adore pink peonies! ? they are so lovely…

  • Dana

    They’re not a typical Valentine flower but I’d swoon over the Mini-Cymbidium Orchids!

  • Cate

    I would be COMPLETELY and utterly shocked/happy/suprised/elated if I got some of those pink and white mini calla lillies! So precious. I wouldn’t mind some fluffy peonies, either!

  • Susan

    Peach hydrangeas – effortless! just love these!

  • nicole

    Tulips were one of the most sought after flowers in the 16th & 17th centuries, almost as valuable as currency. I would love a bouquet of the red and orange tulips from my fiance!!

  • Jessie

    I am such a sucker for peonies! Would love a bundle of pretty pink ones to celebrate the day. :)

  • Alaina Marie c.

    Pinkish Orange Rose, High and Happy! I love these. They would be amazing next to black candlesticks for our elegant halloween wedding this year!

  • Danielle

    Hope I win

  • I love the yellow fringed tulips! I would be so happy to get those.

  • Alaina

    I would love the orange and yellow long stemmed roses from my honey! Although, I love the classy traditional red roses, I want the bright orange and yellow roses. They match the relationship I have with my hubby! We are still classy like the rose, but we are far from ordinary! I want flowers that symbolize our fun loving and exciting relationship! The yellow and orange do that perfectly!

  • Abigail

    So many beautiful flowers to pick from. Hydrangeas all the way though. Their so simple and lovely.

  • Chelsea Stephens

    I would love the Valentine’s Day white peonys! They are so pretty and my favorite flower!