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Fine Art Paper Goods with Haint Blue Collective

Fine Art Paper Goods with Haint Blue Collective

Ever wonder why Southern front porch ceilings are painted blue? It’s a tradition derived to ward off unwelcome “haints” since the color blue represents both heaven and water, where these visitors could not pass. That’s where stationery guru, Haint Blue Collective, got its name, and we could not be more in tune to the creative works they have up their sleeves. Owner Kate Gwin started the company to provide a comprehensive paper good design service offering signage, invitations and calligraphy – all in one place!

Photo by Branco Prata Photography

It can be a pain to outsource every paper detail for your day, so not only does Haint Blue Collective streamline this process, they make sure your complete set of designs complements rather than copies. Fully original or semi-custom, the choice is up to you! The latter boasts ready-to-use suites like the modern Kennedy or the whimsical Rosalie. Kate’s artistry is truly top notch, and we cannot get enough of her fine art designs. So if you’re ready to see your story on paper, head on over to the website to start collaborating on a unique vision with Kate today!

Photo by Little Acorn Photography

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