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Find Your Wedding Venue with Ever After

Find Your Wedding Venue with Ever After

A few months ago we introduced you to Ever After, a boutique service site that helps you find the perfect location for your destination wedding, honeymoon, and wedding venue at no cost to you. Today, we are excited to share that is giving away to one lucky couple their dream wedding venue! If you always wanted to have a destination wedding but was on the fence, this may be your chance to have an epic wedding location for free! Ever After is the venue expert in Southern California, Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean, Las Vegas and South Pacific, so choose away folks!

Visions of a garden ceremony or maybe you’ve been day dreaming of a faraway paradise to escape to with your fiance? Perhaps a ballroom reception is your ideal venue or an all-inclusive resort wedding. Whatever your dream wedding includes, has you covered. Let Ever After help you narrow down your venue options based on your budget and style. Offering the best, most comprehensive search and comparison tool to match you to your perfect wedding venue.

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helps over 15,000 couples a year find their dream venue and you can be their next! Once you fill out the short questionnaire you will be matched with a local Venue Expert who will use their expertise to bring you your dream venue options. Ever After’s Venue Experts have personally visited each location they recommend. To make a great wedding resource even better, every Continental U.S. venue has passed a thorough background check and is backed by their $100,000 Wedding Assurance Guarantee. I can hear you all asking, “How much will this service cost me?” This might just be the best part, ‘s services are completely FREE. You’ll be matched with a venue professional who will not only help you narrow down what seems like infinite options but also will schedule your tours, help with guest accommodations and review your contract all for no cost to you.

Start planning your dream wedding now, it doesn’t cost you anything for them to help you in case I haven’t mentioned this yet 🙂 Ever After is dedicated to bringing your wedding day vision to life by helping you find the perfect location that is romantic and memorable and so you. is open from now until September 29th. Entering is easy, simply and you could win $5000 for your perfect location. To qualify you must be engaged and currently planning your wedding. Good luck, readers!

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  • I live in Las Vegas and I am looking for a Las Vegas wedding venue that doesn’t scream “Vegas.”

  • I’m also looking for a Vegas wedding that doesn’t scream ‘Vegas’. Any luck so far? I would like someone outdoors, ideally close to the strip, but without the strip being the back drop of the wedding…

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