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Ethically Sourced Diamonds from CanadaMark

Ethically Sourced Diamonds from CanadaMark

If you are looking for ways to be socially responsible or eco friendly when planning your wedding, why not start with your jewelry? There are many ways to integrate socially conscious choices into your engagement and wedding day, but many of us may not have considered starting with our engagement ring. allows you to choose a diamond that you know has been responsibly mined, right in North America. Let that sparkler on your finger make you smile for even more reasons!

Buying a diamond that was ethically-mind in Canada is a great way to “shop local” for those of us in North America. diamonds are mined at one of two diamond mines, either the Ekati or Diavik, which are just south of the Arctic Circle. CanadaMark diamonds are authentic and treatment-free, so that brilliance is all natural. They even mine colored diamonds, in case you had your heart set on an old-hollywood canary yellow stunner.

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If you want to look into purchasing a diamond for your forever-stone, but you don’t know where to purchase one, you can head over to their website which provides an interactive map to let you know which near you carry CanandaMark diamonds. Let your ethical jewelry shopping commence!

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