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Ethical Diamonds from CanadaMark

Ethical Diamonds from CanadaMark

Since your engagement ring is likely to be the one piece of jewelry that you really will wear your whole life long, and maybe even pass down to future generations, how lovely to be able to choose a ring that you know has been responsibly mined? If your rock is , then be rest assured it is.



diamonds start their journey from either the Ekati or Diavik diamond mine, located just a few hundred kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. How cool that you can opt for a diamond mined naturally in North America? All of their diamonds are treatment-free, so they are completely authentic as well. Choosing a diamond, is choosing a diamond that has been responsibly mined and can be worn with pride. Do good, while looking good- that’s something we can get behind.

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Check out the , which also provides an interactive map to let you explore near you who carry CanandaMark diamonds.

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