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Entry #9: DIY Pearl Necklaces

Entry #9: DIY Pearl Necklaces

Melissa made pearl necklaces for her bridesmaids that are super easy to create:

DIY Pearl Necklace

What you’ll need:

  • I used 8mm glass pearl beads which you can pretty much get from any craft store. You use 50 per necklace
  • Bead stringing wire
  • Crimp beads
  • 10mm jump rings
  • A pair of needle-nose pliers to crimp the crimp beads
  • Scissors
  • 5 yards of 3/8″ ribbon (color of your choice). You are actually going to use a little over 4 yards but get 5 to be safe


Step 1: Cut the bead stringing wire about 20″ in length. the necklaces are about 18″ when finished but you need some to work with to close your ends.

Step 2: Take a crimp bead and a 10mm jump ring and thread it through a loop of the beading wire. Pull taught and crimp (squeeze it with the pliers) the crimp bead to close the end. Cut the excess beading wire on the end for a flawless finish.

DIY Pearl Necklace

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Step 3: String 50 8mm glass pearls and repeat crimping for the other end.

Step 4: Cut ribbon into 30″ pieces and loop through both jump rings and tie in a bow. Voila! You’re done!!

DIY Pearl Necklace

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