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Entry #6: DIY Yay Flags

Entry #6: DIY Yay Flags

Anne D made these fun flags for her processional. In lieu of the traditional rice/petal toss, guests wave these cute flags as they depart the church.

DIY Yay Flags

What you will need:

  • Flags: Natural Mini Flags from Oriental Trading ($5.99 dozen)
  • Avery® #8938 T-shirt Transfers for Inkjet Printers. Available @ Staples or Office Depot. The transfer paper is sold in packs of 6 sheets and 18 sheets. I initially tried another kind of transfer paper that I got from Joann’s., but it was reeeeally bad compared to the Avery stuff. Stick with Avery.
  • Scissors
  • For the actual ironing-on, you will also need an iron, a wooden cutting board, and a pillowcase that you don’t care about.

Step 1: Start out by laying out the YAYs on an 8.5″ x 11″ page. You must create this in a program like Adobe Illustrator that allows you to mirror the image so everything prints backwards.

Step 2:Each sheet yields about 8 YAYs, depending on what size or font you use. I used a few different fonts just for variety.

Step 3: Next, cut out the individual YAYs from the page, cutting close to the letters around the edges (About 1/8″).

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Step 4: I made my flags double sided, with a YAY on each side. To do this, you need to iron ONCE. So visually line up the two yays on the flag (You can see through the canvas slightly so that makes it easier.) and iron away.

Step 5: There are ironing directions in with the iron-on paper, but basically you place a pillowcase over a wooden cutting board, and press the iron down for about 20 seconds. Slowly remove the paper backing, and if you see the design is “pulling”, it means you didn’t iron it for long enough.

I think that is all! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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