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Alison made this bubblegum bouquet that would make great rehearsal bouquet, flower girl or even to decorate the candy buffet table.

DIY Bubblegum Bouquet

What you’ll need (per flower):

  • 1 plastic balloon stick
  • 1 clear elastic band
  • 7 small gumballs
  • 1 large gumball
  • 1 cellophane cut into circle shape

DIY Bubblegum Bouquet


Step 1: Place large gumball on balloon stick.

Step 2: Place the smaller gumballs around the lip of the balloon stick.

Step 3: Wrap cellophane around gumballs and secure at base of the balloon stick with clear elastic band.

Step 4: Stand back and admire how cute your flower looks and how little time it took!

  • Carla

    Can I ask where you got your balloon sticks? I bought some from Oriental Trading and they are too small and the outer ring of gumballs won”t even balance on the plastic cup part. Thanks for your help!

  • has different ones


  • So cute!!! I love this sweet bouquet!

  • Dee

    This is incredible. I am hoping to do something like this. It is such a cute keepsake for the kids attending.

  • susie

    Where can I purchase a large quanity of large gumballs?

  • Madeline

    Are the center gumballs 1inch?

  • Mary

    Gum balls are very cheap, I got 850 for only 28.0 at Cash and Carry. Balloon sticks from Party Mart, 1.69. Used shrink wrap cut into squares and balloon ribbon to tie it together.

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