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Entry #5: DIY Bubblegum Bouquet

Entry #5: DIY Bubblegum Bouquet

Alison made this bubblegum bouquet that would make great rehearsal bouquet, flower girl or even to decorate the candy buffet table.

DIY Bubblegum Bouquet

What you’ll need (per flower):

  • 1 plastic balloon stick
  • 1 clear elastic band
  • 7 small gumballs
  • 1 large gumball
  • 1 cellophane cut into circle shape

DIY Bubblegum Bouquet


Step 1: Place large gumball on balloon stick.

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Step 2: Place the smaller gumballs around the lip of the balloon stick.

Step 3: Wrap cellophane around gumballs and secure at base of the balloon stick with clear elastic band.

Step 4: Stand back and admire how cute your flower looks and how little time it took!

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  • Can I ask where you got your balloon sticks? I bought some from Oriental Trading and they are too small and the outer ring of gumballs won”t even balance on the plastic cup part. Thanks for your help!

  • This is incredible. I am hoping to do something like this. It is such a cute keepsake for the kids attending.

  • Gum balls are very cheap, I got 850 for only 28.0 at Cash and Carry. Balloon sticks from Party Mart, 1.69. Used shrink wrap cut into squares and balloon ribbon to tie it together.

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