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Entry #4: DIY Cardbox

Entry #4: DIY Cardbox

Another great project made by Brandi!

DIY Cardbox


Step 1: Buy hat boxes or plain boxes with lids at any craft stores. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby. The black and white damask print box already came decorated the rest were just cardboard.

Step 2: Cut a hole in the box that you want the cards to be inserted in. For the green box I placed the slot in the top box, for the red box I placed the slot in the middle box.

Step 3: Once you decide where you are going to place your slot, you must cut holes in the bottom on that box and any boxes below it so that the cards can fall to the bottom. Make sure and leave ½” or ¼” edge on the bottom of the box so that you can glue it to the next box.

Step 4: After you have all the boxes cut you can begin covering them with paper. The green box was covered with scrapbook paper and the red box was covered with gift wrap paper. With the larger boxes I recommend gift wrap paper.

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Step 5: Once your boxes are covered, glue them together.

Step 6: Now you can begin decorating them. I used ribbon and letters on the green box. For the red box I glued silk flowers to the top, painted a wooden letter and placed in on the box, used ribbon, and added a tulle bow and feather.

They are not that difficult and can really make a statement on your gift table.

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