Kari also created water bottle labels to personalize her bacholerette party. Very girly and so cute!

Using a template, I designed my own personalized water bottle labels. Using different fonts and our wedding colors, I made them my own. Then I printed them on full sheet waterproof labels using my at home printer and cut them to size using my paper cutter. I bought water bottles from Walmart, removed the product labels and carefully put on my own labels. I plan to include these in my OOT boxes for our guests. This is a simple project any bride can do that gives a touch of personalization sure to impress any guest. The labels can be altered so we can use them at the bridal shower or even the bachelorette party.

Click HERE to download the template (made in PowerPoint).

  • tanya

    Where did you purchase your water proof labels?

  • Kathy

    I’m wondering where you purchased the water proof labels too? Did you use the Walmart brand water bottles? Very cute! Thanks for sharing the template.

  • Monica

    Love the labels and styles, Instead of having a single design make it nicer to have various laid out at the tables.

    Thanks for sharing was browing for the labels, also want to know where and sizes you used. :)

  • Jennine and Ian

    You are awesome. This gave us a great place to start!!! :)

  • stephanie

    How did you get the nutrition facts on the labels? Can you edit the writing? I’m wanting to change them for a baby shower. Thanks.

  • Laura

    THANK YOU! I was trying to recreate the wheel. Lol

    Thanks again

  • Where did you get the labels from?

  • Jodi

    WONDERFUL! I especially LOVE that you varied your designs! I need to do 300 for a friend’s wedding and would love to know what labels to purchase and borrow your template! Thanks for your generosity…Warmest Regards,
    Portland, OR

  • alice

    Sorry, the question has been asked several times, however I do not see the response. Where can I get the labels?

    • Melissa

      You can find waterproof labels at Office Depot, Staples, or any other office supply store:)

  • Donna LaBella

    Could you please provide me with the template for the bridal shower labels? I am having a hard time trying to design ones like in your photo. Thanks so much!!

  • Alice

    Donna.. the template is on the top of this block.. you must click on the HERE comment Click HERE to download the template (made in PowerPoint).

    It’s right below the verbage of the picture.. good luck.

  • Jackie Henry

    I would love to use your water bottle template for an upcoming widows retreat I am doing. If you could email that to me that would be a huge blessings. Thanks Jackie

  • kristen

    would really appreciate you mailing me the template, i have a wedding in 4 weeks! thanks so much


  • Nichole

    Hey! I would love to use these, they are so pretty!! What is the size of the water-proof sticker I need to purchase to print these off onto?? Where did you purchase them?? Thanks!!!

  • Brandi C.

    How did you adhere the labels? What kind of adhesive was used and how was it applied? Thanks, again!

  • Hi Nichole and Brandi,

    You can purchase full adhesive sheets and cut to desired size.


  • valerie

    Hi, thanks so much for sharing… Am I able to edit the nutrition facts? Thanks!

  • Nancy

    Hi all! I tried it for my sisterès baby shower next week…and the labels look great. However, I don’t recommend waterproof labels. The glue on the labels doesn’t stick very well to the bottle (because of the ridges, the label wrinkles). After attempting multiple times, I looked at different commercial water bottles and realized that only the ends had glue on them… not the whole label. So next time, I’ll use waterproof paper and only glue the connecting ends. I hope this helps.

  • Megan


    I would love to have the template sent to me. My Fiance is from out of town so we have over 150 guest traveling for our wedding and I am making a goody bag with some Cincinnati favorites and would love to put bottled water in the bag too. Can you please email me the template!


  • Thanks for sharing! I have a wedding in 4 weeks that has requested I make welcome bags for their guests.

  • Vanetta

    Hi. I’ve searched for days and still can’t find a way to edit the nutritional facts. Could you please provide a link to just the nutritional facts?


  • Regarding the nutritional facts – looks like Kari created it separately and added it as an image to the template, so unfortunately you can’t edit it…

    hope this helps!

  • Vanetta

    I tried the labels and they look great; however, I was trying to find some water proof labels locally, and it’s too late to order? Has anyone tried using the photo paper for laser printers?

  • Sue

    I used a similar template. I tried several different options for waterproofing the labels. I bought a laminater from Walmart and the additional laminating sheets, they were very reasonable. I printed the labels, then cut each out and placed them in the laminated sheet so they are each sealed when they go through the process. (about 5-6 labels per laminated sheet. I then cut each out, used a small amount of packing tape on the underside and then small amount to wrap around. They worked perfectly and never bled. I made about 375 of them. I have made several different ones for Baby Showers etc, I didnt cut the labels separately and laminated the whole sheet and they did bled. It is worth the extra effort. You will be pleased with the results

  • Trish

    Would u please email me these water bottle templates. I Loveeeee them. So awesome! Th k u x

  • Latonia

    Can you please email me the water bottle template. I LOVE them and I think everybody else will think they are so neat.

  • inka

    I would like to get the template for the water bottles you made, they look amazing. Thanks

  • sharon

    I too would like to get the template for the water bottles you made, ( have been trying for days to deit without success Thankyou so much for your time

  • sydney

    I was wondering how you made the nutrition label?

  • jennifer

    Thanks so much for the template. I am going to change it for my daughters bday party

  • Candy

    could you please send me the template, I am unable to edit the version when I click the above link. They look so pretty. Thanks

  • Laura

    I love your designs! I have been searching for a more modern design like these for a baby shower I am hosting. I have been able to edit them without problem but am having a hard time changing the background color. Is that something that is easy to do? Any help would be appreciated!

  • Rhonda

    Could you please send me the template. I wasnt able to edit when I clicked the link. They are awesome. Thanks

  • Kim StClair

    Can you please send me your template? I want to make these for a bridal shower! Thanks so much!

  • Jodi Bothwell

    Can you please send me your template. I want to make for my daughter’s wedding. Thanks a bunch!!!

  • Meka

    How do you change the color of the lines in the powerpoint template? Is there anyway that you could e-mail me the template? Thank you so much.

  • camie

    I am also wondering how to change the lines in powerpoint on the labels?

  • Talisa

    This is the best template ever. Thank you so much for sharing this. We are having a destination wedding and I will but putting water bottles in the welcome backs for everyone who is attending.

  • Marki

    Another idea I used is to purchase the cheaper regular paper instead of labels… then use the clear packaging wrap to cut them to size while making them waterproof… saves a ton of cash!

  • kate

    i LOVE these so much! could you email me the template to use for a friends bachelorette? thanks!

  • kate

    using the template above, am i able to change color’s used for the backround images? thanks so much!

  • Haley Adams

    Hi, I was wondering if you could e-mail me the template I don’t know how to open the link you have here. Thanks

  • Tori S

    These are great. Could you email me the template please? Thanks for sharing.

  • Nancy L

    I love these… I am having trouble opening the template. Can you please email me the template. Thank you!

  • Teri K

    This is adorable. Could you please email the template?? My daughter will be so surprised at her college graduation!

  • Carol

    Can someone please e-mail me the templet. Thank you.

  • shannon

    Will someone please email me the template as the one online does not allowing editing. Thanks!!


  • Courtney

    I love this template! Could you also email me the template?! I have been looking everywhere and can’t find any! :)

  • Bouchra

    Can someone please e-mail me the templet. Thank you.

  • Amanda

    The download link to download the template is at the bottom of the post.


  • Jenn

    Thank you!!! They turned out great ;-)

  • carrie

    I love your bacholerette labels can you email me the template

  • Leah

    Hi can you email me the heidis template or any other one that i could change into for a baby shower

  • Cat

    Hi! I love the water bottle template. Could you please email this to me? I would love to use it for my daughter’s first birthday party. Thanks

  • Desiree D

    These are great! I’ve been searching high and low for templates and found yours, very cute. I am hosting a bachelorette party this weekend. These would be perfect. A little last minute, but are you able to send the template? DDonlin21@hotmail.com Thank you!

  • Brittany

    I LOVE the ones in the picture but I am not handy with powerpoint etc. Any tips?

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  • Christy

    Love these. I’ve been searching hi and low for a template b/c while I can create the graphics (to match our party) in Microsoft Publisher I cannot find a “Nutrition Label” that can be edited. If you email me the template will I be able to edit that section? Please send me the template at your convenience. Thanks so much!

    • Amanda

      You can download the template directly from the post.

      hope this helps!

  • Sophilia

    Love the idea. I am hosting a baby shower for my cousin and she is having a little boy. I was wondering if anyone figured out how to edit the nutrition facts to match a baby shower and also how to edit the color of the lines.

    • Mindy

      Did you ever figure out the nutrition labels for the baby shower?I am currently planning one and have been unsuccessful.

  • Beth E

    I love your labels. I would greatly appreciate you sending me the template for the water bottles. I need them for my daughter’s wedding. Thanks so much for your help.

  • steffcole

    These are lovely! My wedding is in a few weeks and have not been able to find a template. Can you please share with me the template? steffcole@yahoo.com

  • Tequilla

    I would like to recieve the template for the nutrional facts for the label or where to go to look for one… I am trying to get these done for my daughter bday party this weekend… thanks.. ealymae@yahoo.com

  • Tequilla

    I am looking for the template for the nutrional facts.. If anyone know how to change it or have a template please email to me please.. ealymae@yahoo.com I am trying to get these done for a sat bday birthday party

  • Maggie

    Thank you so much for this template!! These turned out so cute! We are having a garden reception and wanted to have cute water bottles. I changed these entirely around with different fonts and backgrounds- like plaids, ginghams, zebra print and polka dots in hot pink and orange (wedding colors). :) Whole thing only took me less than an hour, then saved in a PDF. The perfect addition to my DIY wedding! Thanks! Now I just have to figure out what paper to use….

  • Kristen

    Hello, I am planning a wedding and would love to use this template. The water bottles are beautiful. Could you please email it to me. Thanks.

  • Danielle

    I would love to use this template. Can you please email it to me at daniellemmoore@msn.com? Thank you so much

  • Kate

    Could you please e-mail me the template at krogers04@yahoo.com

  • Kim

    Love these! I have tried to download from your link with no luck :( if you could please e-mail the template I want to do them for my sister’s baby shower this weekend and I have looked everywhere for diy labels, THANK YOU soooo much in advance :)

  • Penny

    I’m going to use the templates for my daughter’s graduation.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Lauren

    Could you also send me the template :-) these are great

  • Dani

    to make “water proof” labels print on photo paper. then there is no need to laminate or cover with tape and water bottles can be served cold

  • S Diaz-Wells

    These labels are for my daughter’s upcoming quinceanera that we are celebrating on a cruise. I was very happy to have found your beautiful but simple to follow template! I bought the bank labels, (waterproof) and did not have any way to make them beautiful. You made that happen. Great lady on Ebay sells the blank waterproof and adhereable labels for a resonable price. Thank you again.

  • Priscilla

    Thank you so much for the template! But do you have an editable version for the Nutrition Facts? The template you uploaded has it as a picture in the ppt. I desperately need that for my daughter’s 1st birthday. Thank you so much!!!

  • Shay

    Hi, love these. Awesome idea. Can you advise what size labels you purchased to print these? Or do you happen to know the product number of the label?

  • T. Davis

    Hi I love these and need also for son 2 nd b-day. The template won’t load could you please email it to me too. I know I’m like 4 yrs late lol I’m hoping you still check this. My email is ttamu500@yahoo.com

  • Erika

    Thanks for sharing God bless you!

  • Lorraine Davis

    Hi I am requesting your permission to use your water label template to make labels for my nieces wedding in three months.


  • Darinda Paul

    I have been unable to locate the template. Would someone please send me this link? I have two sons getting married this summer, I thought they would be nice to have as out of town guests arrived at the rehearsal dinner while waiting for the wedding party to arrive at the venue.

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