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Entry #14: DIY Wedding Cake

Entry #14: DIY Wedding Cake

DIY Fake Wedding Cake

Abby created a dummy wedding cake you could never tell it was made of Styrofoam!

I am obsessed with wedding cakes and how beautiful they look on display. I spend my days gushing over new ideas and new designs. As much as I love cakes, I can’t bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars on ONE cake. Plus, the venue has a $5.00 per person cake cutting fee if we bring in a wedding cake. No thank you! What is a girl to do?

What you’ll need:

  • Round Styrofoam Pieces-I was looking for 3″ high pieces but couldn’t find any so I just used two 1″ rounds to make a taller layer. You can find these Styrofoam pieces at craft stores or even online- known as cake dummies. You can also buy square pieces if you prefer that design.
  • Cake Spatula
  • Icing: I made Royal Icing. It dries hard and you can add food coloring if you like. I have heard that PermaIce and Spackle also works.
  • Royal Icing:
  • 4 Cups Powered Sugar
  • 3 Egg WHITES- No Yolks
  • 1/2 Teaspoon of Cream of Tartar

DIY Fake Wedding Cake

Step 1: Arrange the Cake. I arranged the Styrofoam in 3 tiers to gain height and then placed the Cake on a piece of foil before icing the cake.

Step 2: Combine the Powdered Sugar & Cream of Tartar. Sift the Powdered Sugar with the Cream of Tartar.

Step 3: Separate the Eggs. Separate the Yolks from the Egg Whites. We will only be using the Egg Whites for the Icing. It will act as the compound that hardens the icing.

DIY Fake Wedding Cake

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Step 4: Mix All Ingredients. Beat the Egg Whites and Powdered Sugar/Cream of Tarter on High for 7-8 Minutes. Beware: thickness of icing may break your mixer 🙁

Step 5: Ice The “Cake”. Keep a damp cloth over the icing so it doesn’t harden. Use the icing as “glue” between the layers. I also added Crystal Sprinkles to the top layers of the cake. You can’t really tell in this photo.

It is simple, pristine white and cost me $15.00 to make. The top tier on one of the cakes will be real so we can do the “cake cutting ceremony.” The guests will be served dessert that comes with dinner and I will get my cake buffet.

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  • Thank you for the recipe for the fake icing! I’ll be make one of these for my son’s wedding in Nov. It’s a destination wedding so I will need to make it many days in advance. Can you tell me how long the icing will last? And is it fragile?

  • Thank you for your great tip. How long will this last? My husband thinks the frosting could attract ants.

    • I”ve been covering cakes with patching plaster purchased from Lowes and you want have to worry about ants. I paint the cakes with craft paints when plaster dries.

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