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Entry #12: DIY Wedding Shoe Clips

Entry #12: DIY Wedding Shoe Clips

Allie created her own version of these shoes, which originally cost $740!

Blue with Envy

Blue with Envy

The style, the pleating, the pearls! But I couldn’t find them anywhere, not even on eBay. And, in all honesty, the heel was too high to be practical for me. I’d really rather not be taller than Mr. R at our wedding. So I started looking for a peep toe d’Orsay pump with a low heel, and let me tell you, there isn’t much out there. d’Orsay = 3″+. Finally, I found this pair of dyeables on the always-trusty Zappos:

Blue with Envy

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I ordered shoe dye from Steps to Memories, where they have over 100 different dye colors and will match a sample swatch if you want. I was really intimidated about dyeing my shoes, but my mom said she’d done it many times and would do it for me. We decided to do it together over Christmas, and I couldn’t believe how insanely easy it was. It was, by far, my easiest DIY project. The dye kit comes with this amazing little pom pom with a wire handle, and it makes the application process a breeze. Don’t use RIT dye or pay a cobbler to dye your shoes for you. Get one of these $9 kits and go for it. SO easy. Seriously.

I adjusted and attached the pearl brooches that JMG Jewelry made for me. They’re a bit more blue than I originally planned — they’re definitely brighter than most of the other blues I’m using — and look even more blue in this photo. But overall, I’m really pleased with how they turned out. All told, the price tag was around $120, mainly because of the Swarovski pearls.

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  • those pearls are similar to a pair of shoe clips i’ve seen on
    you did a great job re-creating the look!

  • HI Im wondering how you got your earrings to stay on the shoes, i was thinking you could clip them on but then the earring backs would stick into your feet….?

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