If you have a soft spot for jewelry and happen to be looking for unique engagement rings, today you’re in for a treat. We selected our most favorite engagement rings from antique to handmade into a massive — and most likely the dreamiest of round ups. The price range varies, but we included a few designs that are under a thousand dollars. Starting with the scrumptious designs by Cathy Waterman

diamond alternative gemstone engagement rings by Cathy Waterman

Below, minimalistic engagement rings by Satomi Kawakita. Swivel (!) gemstone designs by Marie-Helene de Taillac

unique modern engagement rings

Love the petal sapphire ring. By Ken + Dana Design

rustic gemstone diamond alternative engagement rings

Handmade rings by Katherine Bowman. Obsessed with the back detail.

handmade diamond engagement rings

Antique engagement rings by our sponsor Weston Jewelry. Eco-friendly diamonds by our long time sponsor

We also need to know from the engaged ladies: who designed your ring? Anyone wearing non-diamond rings or antique engagement rings? We’d love to know the source. Please share in the comments!

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