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Engagement Ring Roundup

Engagement Ring Roundup

If you have a soft spot for jewelry and happen to be looking for unique engagement rings, today you’re in for a treat. We selected our most favorite engagement rings from antique to handmade into a massive — and most likely the dreamiest of round ups. The price range varies, but we included a few designs that are under a thousand dollars. Starting with the scrumptious designs by Cathy Waterman

diamond alternative gemstone engagement rings by Cathy Waterman

Below, minimalistic engagement rings by Satomi Kawakita. Swivel (!) gemstone designs by Marie-Helene de Taillac

unique modern engagement rings

Love the petal sapphire ring. By Ken + Dana Design

rustic gemstone diamond alternative engagement rings

Handmade rings by Katherine Bowman. Obsessed with the back detail.

handmade diamond engagement rings

Antique engagement rings by our sponsor Weston Jewelry. Eco-friendly diamonds by our long time sponsor

We also need to know from the engaged ladies: who designed your ring? Anyone wearing non-diamond rings or antique engagement rings? We’d love to know the source. Please share in the comments!

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  • I have an antique white gold “Orange Blossom” ring with three small diamonds from 1927. We found it at an antique jewelry shop in Richmond, Virginia one day while browsing and I mentioned how much I loved it. My fiance went back the next week and bought it – and held onto it for 4 months until he proposed!

  • My boyfriend and I just recently purchased my engagement from Erie Basin in Brooklyn, NY ( They have the most beautiful antique engagement rings, as well as other jewelry and art.

    My ring is a gorgeous 1920’s art deco setting with an old mine cut diamond! I cannot wait until he proposes and I can wear it every day!

  • My husband researched and researched and ultimately purchased a loose diamond from Blue Nile and my gorgeous setting from Parade Jewelers…it is and art deco design and I love it!!

  • I love Weston Jewelry! My cousin Melinda and I have been sifting through their rings for potentials to pass along to her boyfriend. No worries, though! He is totally on board with the idea of marriage – he just needs help in the selection process!

  • Rachel, your ring must be amazing! Love the delicate designs of the 30s, they are all so gorgeous. Kudos to your fiance for keeping it under wraps for so long 🙂

  • My fiance had my ring custom made at a jewelry shop in Mt. Pleasant, SC. I’ve always wanted a non-diamond ring, but his Mom had given us four 1/4 ct. diamonds, so I wanted to incorporate those into the design. The ring is gorgeous! It’s a princess cut green amethyst as the center stone with 2 bezel-set diamonds on either side. It couldn’t be more perfect for me!

  • oh my gosh, i love these! ? sharing this up on my fb page 🙂 i have been obsessed with vintage rings these last couple of days, i know i don’t need one but i still love looking at them!

  • I have a sapphire and platinum vintage beauty from Beacon Hill Jewelers I found on

  • Someone needs to send this link to my boyfriend to kick is batootie in gear. Such great pieces, I’d feel beyond ecstatic to receive one of them.

  • i got my stunning engagement ring custom made from single stone in downtown los angeles (… i picked my old mine cut diamond from them and they set it in a beautiful white gold setting! you should definitely check them out 🙂 quality, quality work.

  • My ring is a 1930s delight from Claude Morady in Los Angeles ( Mine is antique, but he also designs new rings using old European diamonds.
    The website is good, but the in-person experience is really incredible. Claude is extremely attentive and kind and is happy to work with smaller budgets.

  • My ring is a vintage repro from Leigh Jay Nacht Inc ( He has antique rings but will also make a reproduction of antique ones where you can have your choice of stone and metal. My ring so beautiful and I can’t wait to get a matching wedding band to go with it!

  • I have a gorgeous rose cut diamond cluster ring from 1867. Antique rings sometimes need work and a fabulous jeweler, Rebekah Brooks in Northampton, MA fixed it up for me. She makes really lovely jewelry as well.

  • We went halves on my ring! We went to Harrods together and tried it on as a ‘by the way, when you decide to propose, this ones nice’ I thought sometime this year it might happen – a few weeks later he surprised me!

    It cost us £400 and has no stones, it doesn’t look like your typical engagement ring but I love it! if you’re interested its by Van Cleef and Arpels and is the small ring in the Perlee collection : )

  • LOVE this post! My husband-to-be proposed with a Cathy Waterman ring…he picked it out all on his own and it is just perfect!
    Just an FYI, he loved the people at TWIST (specifically Akira) and thought they were so helpful.

  • The collection is gorgeous and so nice to read all these comments from people stepping outside the diamond solitaire box. I knew I wanted a ruby and white gold, we found a ring at a local jewelry store that was a square cut ruby in a vintage looking setting. The ring was on sale for $78, but you couldn’t have found a ring I loved more for 10 times that.

  • My ring is an antique oval sapphire with a princess cut diamond on either side and pave diamonds down the sides of the band. We found it on while browsing online. The have beautiful non-diamond engagement rings and antique jewelry, even antique wedding bands.

  • My hubby-to-be proposed with a ring similar to the round one with the blue stone above from Gemvara, only the center stone was his great-grandmother’s diamond. The setting is non-vintage–just one halo with the diamonds in the band. I am honored to wear a stone that was passed down to me from family!

  • My husband purchased a princess cut aquamarine ring from Gemvara and I LOVE IT! Since then one of my closest friends got engaged and her fiance gave her an aquamarine filigree ring from Since getting engaged and married, I frequent both Gemvara and Topazery. I also love, they have great sales and unique designs though I’ve never purchased from them.

  • I am in love with Satomi Kawatika’s open centred ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so absolutely exquisite!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  • These unique engagement rings are wonderful and the craftsmanship is evident in each ring. We have seen a rise in the popularity of more unusual stones and settings, with people straying more often from the typical diamond solitaire and plain band setting. We have noticed that our customers are choosing more of the Georgian styles that we offer, which have a similarly rustic and natural charm to these pieces. It may be a reaction to the over-saturation of the perfect, laser cut and colorless engagement rings that have dominated the market for so long during the 21st century, and now brides – to – be are looking for unusual, antique cut stones that have less facets, but may be perceived as having more character!

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