Canadian-based photographer, Scarlet O’Neill is one of those people you know you could be friends with just from looking through her photos. Capturing honest and meaningful moments in a way that revitalizes every sense from the scene is what she’s all about. In building on those must-have posed shots with the intimate candids in between, her images encompass a feeling. Take a look at her site and you will see why we love her work.

Emotional Wedding Photography from Scarlet O'Neill - photo by Scarlet O'Neill

Here’s why we love this approach: it’s easy to get caught up in the perfect vision and forget about the things that truly matter. But there are so many ways you can make a wedding yours. Think about how you met, what brought you together (i.e. songs, events, places), what traditions are important to you, how can you involve the people you love, how do you want your personalities to show? Embracing all these things will make you feel more at home, and ultimately make the day more enjoyable with memories you’ll want to cherish. You won’t remember shuffling through the traditional shot list, but you will remember the way your new spouse held your hand or the way your dress blew in the wind.

Emotional Wedding Photography from Scarlet O'Neill - photo by Scarlet O'Neill

We’re truly inspired by Scarlet’s lifestyle aesthetic and her commitment to finding the shots that are quintessentially you. So check out more of her portfolio here, and daydream about all the unique moments you’ll want to remember in your wedding album one day.

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