Elope Malibu + Giveaway!

What’s a more romantic thought on Valentine’s morning than a spontaneous elopement on the dramatic California coast of Malibu? Elope Malibu, offers a beautiful cozy venue with a stunning vista, perfect for a romantic, intimate elopement. They are giving away three elopements on their lovely property as a Valentine’s Day treat!

Photo by Jason Tran

Photo by James Johnson

We have an old California farmhouse nestled in an acre of gardens on top of a hill overlooking the ocean in Malibu. Our house is not a mansion, it has always been a family home, with wide wooden verandas, and a big lawn. The garden is rustic, filled with roses and lavender and volunteers from the sage covered slopes of the Santa Monica Mountains right out our back door. Vintage weddings are a perfect fit for our white washed walls, our wrought-iron screens and our much-loved ancient love-seats. We decided to do vintage elopement weddings because it seems like a great idea in the current economy. A last minute wedding can be as beautiful as one that has been planned for months. So this Valentine’s Day we’re starting Elope Malibu’s Vintage Elopement Weddings and we’re offering three of these free to three Ruffled readers!

Photo by Next Exit Photography

We can’t imagine a more dreamy, romantic place to say your vows! For your chance to win this unique venue for your elopement, just leave a comment below indicating why you would want to elope in Malibu. Winners will be announced on Friday in the Weekly Wrap Up.
* offer is valid through December 31, 2012

  1. We love to travel to new places and explore the world together. In the meantime, we’re getting more and more stressed about our wedding! It would be great to escape, and come home to a fun party without all the stress!

  2. I am finishing Nurse Practitioner school in NC and have to be separated from my fiance who lives in Florida. He can’t come with me, and can’t visit as often as we would like, because he’s in the Navy on a submarine. Between going to school, working as an ICU nurse to pay for school and trying to see him as much as possible, I just don’t have the time (or money) I need to properly plan a wedding. Eloping (especially in Malibu) could be just what we need!

  3. I would love to elope in Malibu. I love the idea of having it be super intimate, but not cheaply done. Just becasue we want to elope doen’t mean that we don’t want a beautiful day filled with memories in a beautiful setting. What great idea for business! good luck to you!

  4. My fiance and I are over the stress and planning of a typical wedding! We have been looking at eloping, and with him being from Southern California, this looks perfect! Intimate, just the two of us. And family is close by, so they can throw us a party later! It would be a welcome break from law school for me, and grad school for him!

  5. My special boy and I are really wanting to get married this year – but with him still in school our budget is tight and eloping would be a wonderful way for us to still have a beautiful wedding – and Malibu would be so beautiful!

  6. I love love love Malibu! This place is a-maz-ing! I love the look of vintage and the beauty of the California Coast all in one. My whole wedding is going to be vintage rustic and this venue would be a great fit! With working full time and going to school my time is so tight. We would love to get married sooner than later but because of the lack of time, that may not happen. Eloping here would be a dream come true!

  7. My fiance Zach and I met while we were both living in Los Angeles(we’re in Boston now) so that place overall holds a very special place in our hearts. On our 3rd date he took me up the Pacific Coast Highway on the back of his motorcycle up to Malibu. I was so excited that we were on the date but at the same time scared out of my mind as I had never ridden on the back of a motorcycle before! We stopped at the beach in Malibu, watched the waves roll in and just talked about all kinds of things, from the silly to the serious. On the way back we stopped at a seafood shack and grabbed some fish tacos. It was a perfect date and , in hindsight, one of the key moments we had together that led to me falling for him. It would be incredibly romantic if we could recreate that special time and elope to where our relationship started to take flight!

  8. We live in california but rarely travel up to Malibu. The first time we did it was sooo breathtaking, I can’t imagine anything more romantic than saying I do there!

  9. I would LOVE to win this! I have always imagined in my head a beautiful, intimate ceremony with just us two. I’m really stressing about all of this planning and June will be here in no time! Not to mention I’ll be graduating from nursing school in May, with all of that stress and no money! I already have my vintage dress and my homemade brooch bouquet..now all I need is this! It would be such a dream come true for us both!

  10. My fiancé Zach and I met while living in SoCal (we’re in Boston now) so that place holds a special place in our hearts. On our 3rd date he took me up Pacific Coast Highway on the back of his motorcycle. I was thrilled that were on the date but scared out of my mind as that was the 1st time I had ever ridden on a motorcycle! We rode up to Malibu, walked out to the beach and watched the waves roll in while we talked about a ton of different things, some serious and some silly. On the way home we stopped at a seafood shack for some fish tacos. It was a perfectly simple date that, thinking back, was the start of me really thinking that Zach was a special guy and someone I wanted to definitely know better. It would be incredibly romantic to ride up to Malibu again but this time, elope while overlooking the Pacific and start our lives together as husband and wife!

  11. My fiance and I went to high school together but, didn’t really know each other. I went on to marry, have 3 sons and divorce. My fiance lost his brother in a tragic motorcycle accident and his mother to cancer within 3 months of each other. It’s fair to say, we both went through a lot. Years later, we reconnected on Facebook and started flirting by poking each other. We met for drinks soon after and the next day he asked me to be his girl. Have been inseparable ever since. He has never been married and I know it’s always the bride’s dream but, I want it to be his. My 3 kids adore him and he deserves a special wedding more than anyone I know. Thanks for your time and considerations. Happy Valentine’s!

  12. The soon-to-be mister and I would love to win this! Since our engagement last April, we’ve wanted a Spring 2012 wedding. But haven’t been able to make it happen, since we’re paying for everything ourselves and our families are spread across the country. We live in a Westside apartment, so we always joke that the beach is our “backyard.” We have been considering elopement, and to be able to do so somewhere so special to us would be incredible! Thank you and Happy Valentines Day!

  13. For years we have talked about how our wedding would be- the main thing we both agree on is just the two of us.
    I think it is hopelessly romantic to elope and if I had the chance to tell Ron that we could be saying our vows with the gorgeous scape of Miami in the background he would be astounded.
    It would also give us a chance to visit his grandmother, who was recently widowed, and lives in Florida. We do not have the chance to go to Florida as often as we’d like to because of the cost of the trip.
    This would mean the world to both of us if we could finally tie the knot with such an intimate ceremony and the chance to see our family!

  14. I was *JUST* discussing the other day that I changed my mind about having a wedding and that I want to elope. This must be a sign that this contest popped up! I knew I wanted to do it on a cliffside so we could overlook something beautiful, but I didn’t know where yet. How perfect! We could wake up in the morning sipping some tea and looking out at the gorgeous ocean, then do something fun together during the day in Santa Monica to celebrate!

  15. My fiance is from Washington, DC and I am from California and I’ve recently discovered planning a cross-country fete with two families is very difficult, so we’ve scrapped the California wedding I have always dreamed of… Though I’ve only been engaged for two weeks the process of planning a wedding has really overshadowed what I’m most excited about — combining our lives! The future! If we were able to elope to Malibu, I think it would bring our families back to what’s most important and I would be able to be married in my home state, beautiful California.

  16. This would be a perfect way to complete this promise and begin our lives together.


    I’d watch you from the waters edge.
    My mermaid –
    Yelping with joy.

    White sea horses finally bring you ashore.
    Legs long and opaque with the morning cold.
    Cartwheeling to keep warm.

    I whisper in your shell like perfect ear –
    We will come back here.

    Zuma Beach, 2010

  17. This would be wonderful. We have been debating about the ceremony part of our wedding. I think it would be fun to elope and film it on one of those old vintage cameras. Then I would play it on a big white wall before we walk out to the reception for our first dance. That way the guest still get to be a part of that special time but we get to do it our way. I think this venue would be a perfect backdrop to this moment we will never forget.

  18. This venue is absolutely beautiful, I am in love! My fiance and I live in Los Angeles, and we have been endlessly searching for the perfect wedding venue. We knew from the beginning of our engagement that we wanted our wedding day to be intimate and special. The ocean views are breathtaking, and the site has all the vintage charm I have envisioned for our wedding day. It would be a dream come to elope here!

  19. Nicholas and I love the idea of this opportunity!
    This would be a GREAT chance to..

    (M) Make MEMORIES…

    (A) Keep the Neverending ADVENTURE Flowing …

    (L) Promise to LOVE Each Other Forever…

    (I) ILLUMINATE Our Spirits…

    (B) BECKON Our Devotion to One Another…


    (U) Fulfill the UTOPIANS Dream…



  20. This is such a wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity.
    My fiance and I are both from Alaska, but our families are spread across the country. It’s expensive to fly to and from Alaska so we are attempting to plan our wedding for North Carolina in October. Planning from a distance is such a stress and we’ve discussed eloping on numerous occasions. This location is simply amazing and we would be thrilled to start our lives in such a beautiful place.

    Thank you again and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  21. My fiance proposed to me last weekend! We’ve been talking about an elopement for years so I’m glad this opportunity came up! We want to elope because we want an intimate event, just the two of us, to profess our love and put it in stone. We want the privacy and the freedom to do what we want, not the pressure of having the “perfect dream wedding”. Finally, we want to say our vows in a place that is both breath taking and unforgettable. Malibu is such a great choice for our elopement: the warm sand, the ocean water, sunsets, and palm trees.. what’s not to love? I hope my fiance and I get to say ‘I do’ in Malibu! Thanks, Ruffled team!

  22. My fiance and I were already considering tying the knot prior to the “wedding” we have tentatively scheduled for this fall. It just feels like something we’d like to do on our own, someplace special that’s just for us. Malibu looks and sounds lovely (we’ve both wanted to travel to California for years!) and I think it would be an amazing place to have that just-us special moment. Then we can celebrate our new life together with our families and friends in the fall. It would mean not worrying about the ceremony part of our gathering as much as I have been AND not just ending up at some impersonal courthouse if we do decide to get legally married on a separate day. This trip would just be perfect! Thank you.

  23. We live in Chicago and I have always dreamed of getting married on the beach. My fiance comes from a traditional Catholic family and this dream was very much a compromise for us. We knew we couldn’t go to a warmer climate because I wanted my dad to be there. (He had a major stroke in 2008 and is unable to fly.)So, we decided on nearby Michigan. Cost and availablity played a major role, as well.

    The planning process has been very stressful…I just want to marry the man of my dreams. He’s a consultant and is always working. I’m a teacher and have been planning this destination wedding on my own.

    We’ve never been to California. This is my dream. Just us. The celebration with friends and family is just the icing on the cake.

  24. My mister are separated by 2,900 miles, courtesy of the Air Force and I am about to come out of the workforce and go back to school for a degree in nursing. As time has passed, we’ve realized that we are dying to marry each other and want it to be something small, quiet and intimate. We’d like to tie the knot before school starts and his upcoming deployment and this would be the perfect way to start our forever. It would even be a surprise for my California boy who thinks I’ve got my heart set on a Texas wedding!

  25. My fiance grew up in California and I’ve always wanted to visit his home state. The sun and warm air on the beach aren’t something we get very often up here in Seattle. We’ve been talking about eloping to a sunny, intimate place for a ceremony before hosting a reception back home. The vintage aesthetic is just perfect for a quiet, meaningful wedding!

  26. As much fun as it is to plan a wedding, we are learning that this incredible ceremony that highlights our commitment to each other is becoming more and more about other people, strange drama, and ridiculous expenses. We would love to make our jokes about “just running away and getting married” a reality 🙂 To speak our vows privately to one another, with the beach and ocean in the background, would be such a blessing! Plus, we wouldn’t even have to wait to start our sunny honeymoon! Thank you for this incredible offer!

  27. My fiancé and I have been together 10years this may. We definitely don’t want a big wedding but we are not sold on doing a courthouse wedding. We want a very intimate ceremony and the farmhouse sounds ideal!

  28. My love and I have made it through so much, and we are so excited to finally be able to make our love official! We’ve survived through two bouts of unemployment, me making my way through school, and every little thing that can happen in between. Needless to say, these situations carry a lot of stress, and we’ve been working so hard to get through them. That means that a lot of times we’re ships passing in the night. To have an opportunity to run away from it all for a short period of time and just focus on each other and our love would be AMAZING. No worries about money or anything else, just me and him, an amazingly beautiful place, and our lifetime together. Pick us!

  29. I have always pictured my wedding to be a small intimate affair. My fiancé and I have had a long distance relationship for two out of the three years that we have been together. Because of this, we have really gotten into travelling, so it only seems fitting to go to a gorgeous destination such as Malibu to tie the knot.

  30. “Good things come to those that wait” is the story of my life. Ours is a tale of love that has surpassed time and distance. And more time. And more distance. And yet more time…

    But at last the day came when we showed my 6 year old daughter my engagment ring (which is her birthstone) and she said, “Mama-is that a romantic ring? Tom, do I get to call you Daddy now?”

    This precious child and I have been blessed with a loving and amazing man in our lives. Tom and I would be honored to exchange our vows and officially begin our family together in Malibu.

    Thank you for this opportunity–with love and hope (and a little bit of patience) anything is possible.

  31. My fiance and I have been together for 12 years, and have known each other for over 20. We’ve had to postpone our engagement so many times, and now that we are finally ready to be married, we don’t want to wait anymore. We plan to honeymoon on the west coast, and I think Malibu would be a great starting point!

  32. Why would I want to elope in Malibu? Why wouldN’T I want to elope in Malibu!? My fiance and I are still in the early stages of wedding planning, but already we are trying to navigate the tricky waters of budget + family. An elopement would help us to create what has been our goal throughout our 8 1/2 years together – a beautiful and romantic celebration of the formal start of our lives together. Being huge fans of the farm setting AND beaches – this would just be ideal!

  33. I cannot think of anything more romantic then a spontaneous elopement to a farmhouse in Malibu, California…couples often get lost in wedding planning and forget the real reason why they are getting married in the first place. Being able to say “I do”, just him and I, without the hustle and bustle and stress, would be a dream. There would be nothing better then to sit with my fiance Mattias on the old wooden veranda knowing we were soon to be Mr. and Mrs. I can see him now, in his suspenders and I in a simple while dress dancing under the Malibu stars to Etta James. Not a worry in the world. All you would see were two people in love. His and I love for each other is crazy magical.

    “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
    ? Dr. Seuss

    And this is so true. I have found the man I cannot wait to spend my life with and a spontaneous elopement to Malibu, California sounds like the perfect way to do it.

  34. Those pictures are a dream! The night I first met my now-fiance, I wrote in my diary, “Something magical is happening.” Fast-forward five years and the magic is just beginning! It would be something magical, indeed, to pack up our bags, jet across the country, and devote ourselves to one another for life in the most majestic, dreamy, remarkably memorable place.

    As a professional wedding planner myself, the stress of making our wedding this immeasurably perfect event has weighed down on us since our engagement last fall. What a delight it would be to pack away all those expectations and just surround ourselves in bliss in the hours leading up to our nuptials?

    And finally, what could be more poignant than to get married ocean-side when our own terms of endearment for one another are “Shore” and “Sea”? Our song is Jon Foreman’s “In My Arms,” and his lyrics [I think I’ve figured it out, we need to be together like the shore and the sea. We are not one thing; we’re drawn here together, my ocean and me.] ring so true for us. Just the thought of it brings chills up my spine!!! Ah!

    Thank you for your sweet consideration!

    Kelly and Andrew

  35. I am currently in a year round nursing graduate program and the thought of planning a wedding in between semesters for some date in the next three years is so stressful! We would love to escape to such a beautiful destination to commit our lives to one another forever and always. It would be such a blessing to have this opportunity to remind ourselves what our wedding will truly represent: our commitment to love and cherish one another for as long as we both shall live.

  36. What a wonderful response! We are all thrilled to be helping the lucky winners plan their weddings. To all who commented — thank you for sharing your stories — we wish you every success and much joy together. Ruffled is such a great forum for people planning their big day; warm, personal and simply some of the best ideas we’ve ever seen. We enjoyed this so much we may make it an annual Valentine’s Day event!

  37. IMy fiance and I have both had pretty rough years; he was diagnosed with cancer and then he lost his brother….I was just diagnosed with a tumor on my arm and I also lost somebody very close to me….My dream for my fiance and I is to have a special day where we dont have to worry about anything…a day that brings us happiness and peace amongst all the other stufff that is going on…my fiance has never been to california so i would really love for him to experience the beauty of the pacific ocean…

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