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Elegant Navy Blue Ashford Estate Wedding

Elegant Navy Blue Ashford Estate Wedding

Hold on to your seats, everyone, because this classy Halloween wedding captured by danfredo photos + films is a total stunner. Becca and Bryan put their thinking caps on and enlisted the help of Styled for Love to create a wedding day that was their own while adding stylish touches of the fun holiday and the season. Once that was established, Kate Farley Design nailed the florals to say the least, with beautiful colors like soft pink and burgundy streaming through. This day was fantastic, and doesn’t literally smashing pumpkins sound like fun?

navy blue bridesmaids dresses - photo by Danfredo Photography

From the bride, Becca: The Ashford Estate was an unbelievable and breathtaking venue, so we knew we didn’t want to alter the vibe too much. At the same time, we wanted to keep it ostensibly “Becca & Bryan” with our own touches. We made sure that the details we did pick would be visible and impactful: placing candles all around the barn during the ceremony, and adding touches to the “pre-ceremony” by stringing lights and serving hot apple cider and having our own custom beer were some of our favorites. 

navy and gold wedding invitations - photo by Danfredo Photography

lace sleeved wedding gowns - photo by Danfredo Photography

kate spade shoes - photo by Danfredo Photography

bridal portraits - photo by Danfredo Photography

wedding ceremony wreaths - photo by Danfredo Photography

barn weddings - photo by Danfredo Photography

We also knew we had to be mindful of the fact that it was Halloween! We certainly didn’t want ghosts and goblins on the big day, but we paid homage to our holiday wedding in other ways by literally throwing (and smashing) pumpkins while taking photos (by our outstanding photographers and videographers, Danfredo Photos + Films). Our take-away favor was a mini pumpkin filled with Halloween candy, a perfect treat to the end of the evening. 

wedding ceremonies - photo by Danfredo Photography

religious ceremonies - photo by Danfredo Photography

Jewish weddings - photo by Danfredo Photography

wedding photography - photo by Danfredo Photography

bride and groom - photo by Danfredo Photography

fall weddings - photo by Danfredo Photography

elegant weddings - photo by Danfredo Photography

My only “rule” for the Hallo-wedding was no orange! I really didn’t want to be literal with orange pumpkins and flowers as a part of the décor. Working with Kori and Desi from Styled for Love and Kate from Kate Farley Design was like a dream – they certainly made the no orange rule a reality with a mixture of white and gold pumpkins, along with soft pink, burgundy and navy touches throughout the flowers and décor. My dress was a soft pink, so they really allowed that to come through as an accent color which helped highlight the uniqueness of the dress. 

pumpkin decor - photo by Danfredo Photography

wedding signs - photo by Danfredo Photography

indoor wedding receptions - photo by Danfredo Photography

The best DIY project of the wedding was definitely the “cake”! We weren’t looking for a traditional wedding cake, and we both love black and white cookies, so we decided to make a cake out of tiers of cookies. We had to assemble at the venue though, so we were actually putting together the cookie cake in full make-up and hair… some of those pictures are the best of the whole day.

table numbers - photo by Danfredo Photography

table styles - photo by Danfredo Photography

sweetheart tables - photo by Danfredo Photography

Any advice for couples planning their weddings now? Book the big things early – then take some time to iron out the rest. Once the big four are booked (venue, florist, photographer, band/DJ), the rest will fall into place. Depending on your engagement, you’ll have plenty of time to get it all done! Also – don’t plan anything that week of. Things are bound to come up that require your attention – you can’t plan ahead for this, it just happens! And of course – ENJOY! Life moves too quickly (the details of the day-of seem so long ago now!) – so just enjoy the one day that’s for you and your husband/wife.

wedding party - photo by Danfredo Photography

peach and burgundy wedding flowers - photo by Danfredo Photography

wedding cake alternatives - photo by Danfredo Photography

bride and groom kissing - photo by Danfredo Photography

Wedding Music:
Processional: “Something in the Way She Moves”, James Taylor
Recessional: “Flowers in Your Hair”, The Lumineers
First Dance: “First Day of My Life”, Bright Eyes (Performed by one of Bryan’s groomsmen, Mark, on the guitar! So cool.)

Be sure to check out the video from danfredo photos + films:

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  • What stunning wedding photos! I’ve also attended my cousin’s wedding in apple green, I’d say it’s my favorite motif so far! It was held in The Miller Plantation, one of the reception venues in Miami that offers great ambiance and magnificent sites at an affordable price. Because of that, I am planning to make mine more than perfect as hers!

  • I love how the cake made out of cookies looks. Wonderful idea, I also especially liked the little pumpkins over the slips of papers.

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