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Eclectic Vintage Wedding

Eclectic Vintage Wedding

Truthfully, this next couple has got to be the epitome of cool. The bride, Jenny, is a true lover of all things vintage, and went to great lengths to ensure her wedding would be infused with vintage flair. Kelty of Steep Street, who sent us this wedding, took on a major part of that task; we have to say she certainly succeeded! And those flowers, which the bride arranged herself, are a simply flawless blend of the softest pinks and the freshest yellows. See the complete wedding feature here!

eclectic vintage wedding

From the photographer, Kelty: The bride used more amazing vendors and artists for her and Allen’s wedding than I’ve ever seen. Her dress was designed by a Project Runway contestant, she wore a gorgeous Ban.Do hair-piece, they rode a cable car to the church and reception site, and the wedding was basically a crafty and colorful Polish/Filipino bash following a gorgeous Catholic ceremony in a church unlike I’ve ever seen, with friends and family snapping polaroids all over the place. Words don’t do it justice.

eclectic vintage weddingeclectic vintage wedding

From the bride, Jenny: Allen and I met while working together at Urban Outfitters in Evanston, Illinois. Though we’d been friends for a while, we just so happened to start hanging out when a bunch of Gael Garcia Bernal films hit the theatre, so we got to see both La mala educacion AND Diarios de motocicleta within about a week of each other, much to my delight. I think it was during the second film that Allen decided he was falling for me. And that’s a good thing, because I had pretty much already fallen for him. We knew we were best friends right from the start, but impromptu, late-night road trips; food fights; and various other shenanigans sealed the deal.

eclectic vintage wedding

So we wanted the wedding to reflect both our personal styles and cultural heritages. Allen is Filipino, so our wedding mass included some traditional ceremonies (cord, candle, veil, and coin), using the same cord and veil from his parents’ wedding. The main contribution from my Polish heritage was booze. Really strong, plentiful booze. It made for (along with our incredible DJ’s who were instructed to play old songs and 90’s dance music and did so quite expertly) a pretty fun dance party that only about half of our guests remember…

eclectic vintage weddingeclectic vintage wedding

eclectic vintage wedding

We actually ended up getting a lot of things on Etsy or at thrift stores. We collected a bunch of old floral plates from which to serve the food. We got some floral handkerchiefs to tie around the bouquets, which Hannah, my bridesmaids, and I made the morning of our wedding. Our photobooth prop mustaches and chalkboards were from Etsy, and we also found one-inch buttons to put on our escort cards made up from children’s books, a nod to Allen’s job as a kindergarten teacher. The table numbers were made from vintage valentine cards, and our friends painted the numbers on. The cake toppers, both the bunting and the deer, were also from Etsy.

eclectic vintage weddingeclectic vintage wedding

One of the most important parts of the entire event, for me (besides marrying Allen, of course), was figuring out how to properly document it. In sort of going with the vintage-y theme, we decided to go with Steep Street for our wedding photography (after poring over hundreds of other photographers worldwide) because of her skill in putting a vintage touch on everything she shoots, and she knocked it out of the park! We also didn’t think we were going to go for a wedding video, but we discovered a local company that films weddings in super-8, and we knew we had to rethink our plan on a wedding film. We also decided to rent a significantly more expensive real photobooth because a digital booth just isn’t our style (and didn’t really fit in with the decor of our venue, anyway :).

eclectic vintage wedding

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I also have a knack for having hobbies and interests in things that are discontinued or generally difficult to find. To that end, we Goccoed our save the date cards (with a design drawn by my sister, Tiffany, who also painted our wedding invitations), on cardstock we also ordered from Etsy, stamped with vintage stamps which we got from . . . Etsy! Gocco is a self-contained screen printing system from Japan that they’ve stopped producing certain materials for. Rest assured, though, there’s a lot available on Etsy :). I also handed a bunch of my friends various cameras from my vast collection of Polaroids with instructions to just shoot what they wanted.

eclectic vintage weddingeclectic vintage wedding

eclectic vintage wedding

Steep Street, who sent us this wedding, took on a major part of that task; we have to say she certainly succeeded! And those flowers, which the bride arranged herself, are a simply flawless blend of the softest pinks and the freshest yellows. See the wedding feature here

Wedding Vendors (Chicago, IL):

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Ceremony: St. Vincent de Paul Parish / Wedding Reception Venue: Atrium Events at Architectural Artifacts / Wedding Dress: Leanne Marshall / Wedding Shoes: Marais USA Mercer Flats / Hair accessories: Ban.Do No. 11 / Groom’s Attire: Jacket by Nom de Guerre, Pants by Dunderdon, Shirt by Gitman Bros, Bow Tie by Brooks Brothers, Shoes by Adidas / Bridesmaid Dresses: Amanda Archer Collection / Photographer: Kelty of Steep Street / Photobooth: 312 Photobooth / Wedding Musicians: Kate and Rachel at Toast & Jam / Wedding Cake: TipsyCake / Late Night Snacks: “Naanwiches” from Gaztro-Wagon / Super 8 Cinematography: InFilms / Flowers: done by bride / Save-the-dates: made by bride and bride’s sister

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  • Awww. I am in love with the red mailbox. Can you tell me where you got it from?

  • I just love vintage weddings. They make it all about the details, and… being a photographer, its all about the details. I think it takes more time and creativity to put together a vintage wedding and keep to your theme than to pull off a huge “modern” wedding. Plus, its unique, its different and something people will remember.


  • I love the flowers!! Does anyone know the specific name of these roses? I would love to have those @my wedding too!

  • How fun is this!! I always go gaga over eclectic vintage weddings. My favorite.

  • Ok, that quote must be my longest run-on sentence of all time… ha! Beautiful feature, Jen!

  • wow, really gorgeous, delicate celebration. i’m so glad you shared! is there any way you have the bride’s blog info. i’d love to contact her with questions (and to find out more about her dress!). was it custom? is she selling it? ; ) thanks!

  • hi, everyone! thanks so much for your really nice comments about our wedding. to answer your questions specifically:

    the red mailbox was something they had at our venue, which was a big antique store/warehouse. i’m pretty sure that everything they have there is for sale (but it’s all really expensive), so it might be worth a shot to see, if you’re really interested. their store’s site is:

    the flowers were ohara pink garden roses, which we got from here: (because they didn’t have peonies available, we were actually able to get upgraded to getting lots of these roses instead for a fraction of the price!)

    i got my dress from etsy ( it was a slightly modified dress that she used to carry in her shop (she called it the bea arthur). i asked her if she could make it with very short notice (it was probably 3 months out), and she did, so maybe it’s worth a shot :). i don’t think i’m ready to sell it quite yet, but maybe you’ll get lucky with leanne. if you have other questions, you can feel free to post them here.

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if it’s possible to get in touch with the newlyweds. I’m getting married in the same area and love their aesthetic and would love to know if they’ve got any decorations to pass on. Also, you two got married at my alma mater. Sweet!


  • Awesome vintage style photography! Great flowers and cake! And a beautiful bride and groom. I love what he’s wearing.

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