Early Morning Bridal Boudoir Inspiration

The moments before a wedding are precious — there’s no better time to reflect on the new path on which you’re embarking with the love of your life. Amanda Watson Workshops and Lindsey Zamora dreamt up this beautiful scene of a bride taking a bit of time to herself before slipping into her wedding gown, with a peppering of floral decor by Poppy Lane Design and the dreamiest film photography from The Ganeys. These images serve as testament to how gorgeous and delicate boudoir photography can be!

Early Morning Bridal Boudoir Inspiration - https://ruffledblog.com/early-morning-bridal-boudoir-inspiration

From the photographer, Emily of The Ganeys: Wedding days are so impactful and getting ready to don the wedding gown should be celebrated. I was fortunate enough to attend the Amanda Watson Workshops in Dallas. On the first day, we captured intimate, early morning inspiration as Caroline prepared to meet her groom. The soft light that poured into The White Sparrow was perfect. Barefoot, Caroline tiptoed on the fresh, white wood. Her hair was tousled and curled by Beauty and the Blush. Her neutral makeup was pronounced with a soft smoky eye. Lindsey Zamora styled the scene, complete with organic greenery from Poppy Lane Design and burning candles. Of course, the veil and laced robes from Girl and a Serious Dream are incredibly dreamy. I cannot imagine anything more romantic to wear the morning of your wedding.

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