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Doie Lounge Getting Ready Robes

Doie Lounge Getting Ready Robes

has an insider’s view on weddings. Feeling comfy and cute is key to preparing for your wedding day and it’s no secret that you want to look glam and dolled up in ALL of your photos, even before the gown goes on. Doie Lounge makes beautiful and versatile robes that add a glamorous touch to the hectic morning of the wedding. They also make wonderful and practical gifts for the bridal party while infusing an often-ignored moment (getting ready the morning of) with elegant detail.



Not only do these robes look great in the “getting ready” photos, but the bride and her maids will have a reminder of the wedding. And unlike the bridesmaid dress, these robes can be worn everyday with memories of sweet wedding moments and lasting friendships.

Photo Laura Ivanova


These beautiful robes can fit almost anyone and come in sizes xx-small to x-large. They also look stunning on both short and tall frames, and every body shape in between. The best part is that these beautiful robes are made of an incredibly soft modal jersey with patterned silk creating a classy lounge look. With hints of Japanese influence, these robs add a fun pops of color to your morning routine and are perfectly designed so they won’t come off unexpectedly.

Getting Ready robes
Photo by Weddings by Scott & Dana

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This cozy gift is even eco-friendly using fabrics that are natural and sustainable. Each robe is crafted and produced locally in Los Angeles, California.  also now offers eye masks for brides who want to add something to a spa package, or just have a cute smaller item to give. With discounts offered for buying in bulk, what girl wouldn’t love to receive one?!


Photo Katie Hall

View their  and email Sara at with any questions regarding size, color or general inquiries. View more of stunning robe collection today!

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