I know so many of you have been asking for DIY projects, and they are back! This past weekend I made this out-of-town guest tote bag using stencil and fabric paint. The project is so easy! You can find canvas totes here, here or here if you’re looking for a heavier bag. The great thing about stencils is that you only need to cut them once, so take your time when cutting the design. The stencil I used is reusable, so you can apply the same stencil on several totes. Big thanks to my friend Carolynn from Two Brunettes who designed the entire set of templates (more coming up next!).

DIY do-it-yourself stencil oot out-of-town welcome wedidng guest bags free template

What you need:

Do-it-Yourself Out-of-Town Wedding Guest Bags

X-acto knife
stencil (can be found here)
spray fabric paint (like this one) or just fabric paint and a roller. I picked a cranberry color that can be found here.

Download One Love Stencil Template.pdf. Place design under the stencil and starting tracing it with the help with a X-acto knife. Once the stencil is ready, place onto the tote and tape the edges. Pin the inner circles of the letter O before painting. Paint the stencil and let it dry for an hour.

I will show you what goodies the welcome bag has in just a bit!