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Do-It-Yourself Rose Ice Cubes

Do-It-Yourself Rose Ice Cubes

Ice Cube Roses 001

Ice Cube Roses DIY Bucket

This DIY project created by Jonathan Fong Style is a gorgeous way to decorate the bar on your wedding day!

Do-it-yourself rose ice cubes

What you’ll need:
(per ice tray)
– 12 spray roses (the small ones) – Tip: spray roses can be pricey if you’re making many ice cubes. Consider using small silk flowers from the Dollar Tree.
– 12 twist ties
– 2 wooden skewers
– 1 ice tray
– Floral tape

Step 1: To keep the roses submerged in the ice trays, we have to build a framework that will weigh them down. Cut the spray roses, leaving about 2 inches of stem, and use twist ties to attach the stems to the skewers.
Step 2: Place the roses, which are attached to the skewers, upside down in their individual ice compartments of the tray.
Step 3: Tape down the skewers at the ends of the ice tray to keep everything from floating when you add water. Your ice tray should look like the one in the photo.
Step 4: Add water to the ice tray and freeze overnight.

Remember roses are edible, but many growers use pesticides on the roses, so I would avoid putting these ice cubes in drinks unless you are sure there were no chemicals used. Just use the ice to cool drinks. You can also substitute fresh roses to plastic or silk ones.

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