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DIY Wallpaper Lanterns

DIY Wallpaper Lanterns

Nicole of Flora Bond is back with us today to share how she made those adorable wallpaper lanterns in this floral heaven shoot we featured last week, shot by Jaclyn Davis with flowers by Lemon Blossom Designs. These are so easy! Thank you Nicole for sharing this tutorial with us!

diy ribbon wallpaper lanterns

Vintage Wallpaper Chandelier DIY

Supply List:

  • Embroidery hoop any size or shape (we used a 6 ½” round hoop)
  • Vintage wallpaper—vinyl works best, a large piece 20” by 20” for large.
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  • 30” by 1 ½” of torn fabric
  • Cording or string

diy lanterns with wallpaper strips
diy lanterns with wallpaper strips
diy lanterns with wallpaper strips

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1. Roll out the wallpaper and cut out 33 – 6 ½” by 1 ¾” strips of wallpaper for your 6 ½” small hoop, 11 strips for each row.
2. If using a larger hoop you would just need to cut more until you have enough to fit around the top. You can make your strips thinner of thicker depending on the look you want, just add more or less strips.
3. Lay your 11 strips out under the hoop and then glue the top of each strip to hang onto the embroidery hoop. Next glue the rest of the 22 strips together to form tear drops.
4. Once they are all glued into a tear drop shape, glue two on each end of the connected loops all the way around.
5. Take out your torn fabric and loop it through the bottom layer. Once you have looped all the way around, pull the fabric tight and tie to hold the chandelier together.
6. You can then glue each bottom corner together until the chandelier holds a firm shape.
7. Now for the cording—Cut three equal lengths of cord. Roughly 14” – 20” depending on the size of your chandelier and one very long piece, 2 – 3 yards long .Tie each one to equal sides of the hoop. Hold your chandelier up by the cords, moving them around until you are centered, then quickly tie a firm knot in the center. Take your glue gun out plus left over ripped fabric and glue fabric around the knot so it will hold firm.
8. Look at your pretty chandelier! You can experiment with different sized strips to get a different look for you chandelier. All you have to remember is too add equal amounts of strips to each layer.

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