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DIY Montana Wedding

DIY Montana Wedding

Rachel and Brian created a beautiful soiree set in the picturesque Montana mountains. Just about everything was handmade by the bride during a very short period – one month planning their wedding which even included making her own wedding dress. Captured by Rachel Nickel of Nickel Images who sent over this wedding. Brace yourself for an intensive DIY session!

 bride and groom with montana mountains and arch
 homemade directional signs ideas

From the bride, Rachel: Brian and I planned our wedding in a month! I don’t think anyone was too surprised because we are known for being sporadic and adventurous. Our vision for the wedding was to make it inspirational, meaningful and different. We love nature and are very outdoorsy so we wanted that to be a key element. We also wanted our friends and family to feel special and valued and incorporated that into our wedding. I’m a huge fan of all things vintage and Do It Yourself so I wanted that to be a key element as well.

 bride and groom in outdoor montana wedding
 pretty horse in field
 hanging frames wedding decor

We were vintage farm and nature inspired. Our colors were blue, peach, yellow, green and brown. Our DiY projects were almost everything. Decorations, food, invitations, flower girl dresses, bridesmaid bracelets, my wedding dress and flowers.

 bridesmaids in grey skirts and red and pink flowers
 old typewriter for guestbook and old suitcase plus flower decor
 DIY mini pie buffet ideas
 display of small vintage wedding decor items and chalkboard
 lounge area with draping and antique wedding decor
 hanging lanterns and wedding lounge seating
 tent wedding with bunting in grey pink and peach

Advice for brides planning their wedding now: Stay true to what’s important. What was important to us was our friends and family celebrating our marriage everything else was less important. Since we planned a wedding in a month there were definitely times I was overwhelmed and stressed and times I thought things were less than perfect but then I realized all that stuff didn’t even matter. The day’s perfect even if everything else is imperfect because you are marrying the man of your dreams. What’s more perfect than that?

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 outdoor wedding with vintage convertible

Wedding Vendors (Whitefish, Montana):

Ceremony and reception location(s): Private residence / Wedding planner or event designer: Rae Clausen / Florist: DIY by bride’s sister, purchased from Eldens Gardens Dahlias / Photographer: Nickel Images via Two Bright Lights / Wedding Dress, Veil, Shoes and other accessories: Vintage + upcycled / Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstrom / Caterer: DIY by family / Wedding Cake: Groom’s mother and aunt / Wedding invitations: DIY

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  • I love Love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her dress with the long sleeves. I have to track down Nickel Image’s blog post of the wedding because i have to get a better look at the dress with those sleeves! It looks absolutely amazing and to die for!

    All of those little details in a single month is so impressive. She has a lot to be proud of. Just because you don’t have a lot of time to plan an event doesn’t mean you stil shouldn’t make a real CELEBRATION out of your wedding day. Because it is a day of CELEBRATION and REJOYCING and nothing less!

    The pies are seriously making me hungry and I might die without stealing one through the computer!!

  • wow this wedding has a lot of love put into the details … the haystacks for seating is awesome and i love the hanging frames sooo cute!!! … congrats to the bride and groom! you two must be so happy to have had such a fun and adorable wedding! {katrina}

  • Wow — I am floored by all of the detail and love that you can feel in these photos! Love the choices of florals in particular; they look like perfect bunches of flowers that you just picked from your garden.

  • WOW this wedding is gorgeous and i love love all the details! You have such a beautiful inspiring space here and i am soo happy i came by! I am looking for some wedding inspiration as well as i prepare for my very own. 🙂 Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  • Beautiful!!! I also am getting married in Montana next Spring. West Glacier National Park, by Big Sky events. Would really like to talk to you more about Montana.
    You did such a wonderful job on everything. I love your dress. Something about Montana, just keeps you coming bck for more.
    Congrats again, it was really beautiful!

  • LOOOOOVE!!!! The vintage details are amazing! Rae and her team (Jana 😉 did a GREAT job!

    @Lisa… I live in Montana (Kalispell) email me if there’s anything I can help you with!
    cstandsforcarrie at gmail dot com

  • Wow great job wedding designer extraordinaire Rae Clausen!

  • It goes to show you that you don’t have to be rich to have a beautiful wedding and that is just what this seem to be so tastefully done.
    Congrats you two.

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