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DIY Vintage Fork Place Holder

Brooke showed us how to reuse old forks as place card holders. Vintage forks are a popular item for crafts, so there are several ways to reuse them into place card holders. We just had to share this easy method!
and we just had to share this easy project.

What you’ll need:
– Vintage forks (silver-plated are easier to bend)
– Pliers

vintage fork place card holder

This super-simple project is an easy way to display name cards, menus, labels for buffets, etc., with a great vintage vibe. I’ve called these place card holders, but they can hold anything–I even display my business cards in one of these.

vintage silver fork card holder

Step 1: Using a pair of pliers, bend the outer tines of a fork forward until they are perpendicular to the stem.

Step 2: Bend the inner tines backward until they are perpendicular to the stem. Work with all tines until the fork will balance well.

Step 3: Using the pliers, add a bit of a curve to the outer tines. You can make these into elaborate curves, or keep them simple as pictured. This will stop whatever paper products you display from slipping off the holder.

vintage fork wedding place card

Step 4: Add your place cards and voila! A simple vintage display and a great way to recycle old forks.

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