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DIY Unraveling a Letter DIY

DIY Unraveling a Letter DIY

We are loving our weekend edition! Brittni created a sweet note that unravels from a wooden spool for her second entry.

 ribbon spool love message

What you’ll need:

– Fabric or ribbon (length will vary depending on length of message)
– Wooden spool (from craft store or recycled),
– Rubber letter stamps
– Stamp pad
– Craft glue

 hand stamped ribbon message
 love message diy

Step 1. Cut a long strip of fabric about 1.5 wide and at least one yard long depending on how long you want your letter to be. You can also use ribbon as oppose to fabric (cotton webbing works great).

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Step 2. Leave a couple of inches on the end of the fabric strip blank and then begin stamping your message.

 ribbon thread love message

Step 3. Once message is complete, glue the start of the message (the area that you left blank at the beginning) to the spool using craft glue. Ravel your message around the spool. Place in a decorative box and you are all set.

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