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DIY Tea Favors

DIY Tea Favors


While favors may not be considered as a necessity and only as an added expense, this favor idea is a nice touch to your table decor and a nice thing to do for your guests. This is an easy and really affordable project to DIY. You can buy tea bags in bulk, like these ones that you can fill with your favorite herbs and seal with the help of a hot iron. For herbs and spices to make your tea favor, check out local flea markets or buy from online shops like this one or this one.

You can customize it by creating your own tea bag envelope with the help of these blank templates, or if you would like to use something simple, download these printable tea bag envelopes: tea bag tag in blue.pdf and in red.pdf. Martha Stewart has another cute idea for tea bags you can view here.

Here’s the cost breakdown for about 100 tea favors:

$8.95/100 paper for tea bags

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$89.70/ 6 lbs of loose tea (enough to fill 100 4oz tea bags)

= 98 cents per favor

You can also buy tea bags in bulk for as cheap as $16.95 for 150 (that’s about 11 cents per favor). So, what do you think?

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