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DIY Soda Can Lanterns

DIY Soda Can Lanterns

How cool are these? Here are instructions on how to make these lanterns exactly as seen below:


– Soda cans
– Tin Snips (or exacto knife)
– nails and hammer
– spray paint
– sanding paper
– permanent marker

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Step One: Collect all soda and beer cans you can get. Fill the cans with water and put them in the freezer. If you have something to hold the cans as you are puncturing it, the can will dent unattractively. If you are using a drill and a workbench, you can probably forgo this step and just stabilize the jar somehow. (freezing idea from Miss Cherry Pie on Weddingbee). With a permanent marker, draw a line of where you will be cutting the top half. You can cut them to your desired height, but I recommend having them tall enough to avoid fire hazard (hello venue managers).

Step Two: Spray paint the inside of your cans in yellow. This will help the tealights shine brighter. Paint the outside in the color desired. I highly recommend doing this before making holes on the can, so the inside and outside colors don’t mix.

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Step Three: With the use of star paper punch, or hole paper punch, decorate the cans as desired. You can also use nails. Et voila! You got yourself some really cute tealight holders! Just make sure you make enough holes so the light can shine through.

photos from Country Living

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