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DIY Tuesday: Vintage Book Vases

DIY Tuesday: Vintage Book Vases

I saw this DIY Book Vase tutorial on Sweet Paul blog and loved how simple the instructions were. I’ve seen these at Anthropologie as window decor at first, and fell in love with the creative use for old books you would end up tossing anyway. Maybe if the books you have are not yellowed by its age, perhaps you could use tea or coffee to darken a bit? Antiqued or not, I just love this idea!

DIY Book Vases

DIY Book Vases

Step 1. Create a template on some thin cardboard. Draw the profile of half a vase. Don’t make them to complicated, at least not at first.

Step 2. Cut it out with sharp craft scissors.

Step 3. Insert the template in an old book opened on the first page. With a sharp craft knife cut along the template. Keep on going until you are through all the pages of the book.

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Step 4. Cut of the book’s covers and remove the template. Open the book and fold it backward, before gluing the pages together with a hot glue gun.

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