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DIY Time!

DIY Time!

I found this fun project while searching for things to do with Hypericum Berries. (I have bright green berries in my bouquet…)

Berry Place Cards

You’ll Need:

– Floral Stem Wire OR floral wire and floral tape…(I recommend the first option)

– Clear Glue

– Lots of berries

– Glitter (optional)

– tweezers. (also optional, but very helpful)

OK, so…

1) Pick a font that you love and print out the alphabet in a larger size.

2) Bend the stem wire into desired shape, (The initial of the guest), using your font print-out as a template.

3) Sprinkle with glitter – if desired.

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4) glue on berries using the tweezers.  Simple Simple.

This is best for a smaller wedding, unless you want to make 300 of these guys.(Plus it might get confusing if there is more than one person with the same initial at one table!)

However, this project can be morphed into other details (monogram cake topper? Initials for bridesmaid bouquets? Boutonnieres?). And instead of berries, you could use buttons, shells, or 80 thousand faux pearls you just inherited… 🙂

If you absolutely love the berry look, Check out the rest of the article from Sunset Magazine.

xoxo- jenny

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